The money box disappeared after Kim Yong came? Dae Dae-dong’s lawyer said he only saw ‘legs’

On the 21st, Attorney Min-yong Jung appeared as a witness in the trial of Yong Kim, former vice president of the Democracy Institute, on charges of violating the Political Fund Act. random news

Attorney Min-yong Jeong, who was accused of corruption in the development of Daejang-dong and partner Dong-gyu Yoo, former head of the planning department of the Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, appeared as a witness in the trial on the 21st and testified how the money was transferred to Yong Kim, former vice president of the Democratic Research Institute, was closest to Jae-myung Lee, leader of the Democratic Party.

However, the face of the person who took the money could not be confirmed, and like former general manager Yoo, the date the money was transferred could not be specified.

“Kim Yong came and went to the office, and the money envelope was missing.”

Attorney Jeong appeared as a witness in the trial of former Vice President Yong Kim on charges of violating the Political Fund Act, which was held at the hearing of the 23rd Criminal Agreement Division (Chief Judge Cho Byung-gu) of the Seoul Central District Court on the day that.

Attorney Jeong testified about the situation where former director Yoo gave money to former vice president Kim at his business office, saying that former vice president Kim needed money for the presidential campaign.

Afterwards, Attorney Jung testified that he received 100 million won, 500 million won, 100 million won, and 147 million won, respectively, from Nam-wook’s officials in about a month June of that year.

At the same time, he also said that he went to Nam-wook’s lawyer’s office and received 100 million won in a black envelope containing medicine. In particular, he explained the black medicine bag in detail, saying, “I remember that an officer from Nam-wook’s side said, ‘Brother, this is medicine’ and gave it to me.”

Attorney Jeong also said that he saw former vice president Kim in person in the office and said, “I remember he was wearing a blue safari.”

Then, he explained, “I saw former Vice President Kim go out because he was blind.” He added, “(When I went back to the office) I thought I would have taken the money because there was no cash box.”

Kim Yong’s eyewitness report is included in the record 檢… The judge pointed out the credibility?

While the envelope with the money disappeared after former deputy director Kim visited the office, even Attorney Chung was not sure if he was the person who carried it himself.

The lawyer asked, “How far was former Vice President Kim looking (when he left the office)?” Attorney Jung replied, “It was a situation where only the legs were visible because of the blinds. It was a situation where you could see down to the waist.”

He said, “(In the prosecution’s investigation), I did not directly confirm that he was carrying an envelope and going out.” It is said that this part was not recorded separately in the prosecutor’s report.

Former director Yoo previously testified that former deputy director Kim went out with an envelope of money on his side, but attorney Jung said, “I can’t confirm it because I can’t see the upper body from the back of the when. .”

The testimonies of Jeon Yoo and Attorney Jeong did not agree in a crucial part.

In response, the judge also said, “I knew that former vice president Kim was coming to get the money, I watched him carefully, and it is written that I replied that I even watching him leave the office.” That’s why I feel like I was able to confirm it when I went out by hiding it swelling (a money envelope in my coat), but did you think I didn’t see it that way? “

Attorney Jeong emphasized that he “said he had not seen it” to the judge’s question.


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