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[Epoch Times January 10, 2022](Epoch Times reporter Tong Yijia comprehensive report) On the afternoon of the 9th local time, the 79th Golden Globe Awards ceremony was held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, USA. However, the ceremony is determined to be held in a “private format”. Not only will there be no artists, there will be no Avenue of Stars, and there will not be any live broadcasts. Only the list of winners will be announced online.

According to a report on the website of Variety magazine, rehearsal took place at the International Ballroom of the “Beverly Hilton” Hotel in Los Angeles at the Golden Globe Awards from 2pm to 7pm Western Time on the 8th. The main body of the ceremony was two large Golden Globe trophies, which projected blue and white lights onto the awards stage. Although there was no simultaneous TV broadcast, several cameras were still set up to capture the live scene.

Witnesses said that there were 25 round tables under the stage of the rehearsal ceremony, each table only placed 4 to 6 chairs, just enough to accommodate nearly a hundred members of the organizer “Hollywood Foreign Journalists Association” (the original 87 and 21 were added last year) Number of people.

The organizer, the Hollywood Association of Foreign Journalists, previously stated that due to the raging new crown pneumonia mutant virus Omicron, the scale of the ceremony will be reduced this year and only a few members and invitees will attend. There will be no media, finalists or even hosts. All participants in the ceremony must be given two doses of vaccine as required, plus one booster shot. At the same time, they must have a certificate of negative PCR test within 48 hours and wear masks throughout the process.

On December 13th last year, the 79th American Film and Television Golden Globe Awards announced the shortlist. “Belfast” (Belfast) and “The Power of the Dog” (The Power of the Dog) were shortlisted in 7 categories including the best movies in the drama category, becoming the front runners in the film category.

What is more interesting is that in addition to the Korean drama “Squid Game” shortlisted for the best drama series, Lee Jung-jae was nominated by Golden Globe Television, and the 76-year-old Wu Yongzhu was also shortlisted for the Supporting Actor Award.

On the 6th, the agency Artist Company stated that considering other schedules and immigration isolation, the actor Lee Jung-jae, who was nominated for the best actor in a drama, might not be able to attend the Golden Globe Awards ceremony. The film’s director Huang Dong Hyuk and actor Oh Young-soo, who was shortlisted for best supporting actor, will also be absent.

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