The Red Devils, on the side of the sky, hit magnates 9 people into the playoffs

Man United vs Fulham: 3-1 football result The “Red Devils” army on the air side defeated the “little magnate” army, the remaining 9 people decisively with a goal from Marcel Sabitzer and Bruno Fernandes, who scored two goals in this game, saw the team progress to the semi-finals against Brighton, while the away team scored just one goal from Aleksandar Mitrovic before a red card. Sent off with 2 Willian, causing the team to stop in this round only.

Football FA Cup 2022/23

Manchester United 3-1 Fulham

Football FA Cup 2022/23 Round 8 final teams on Sunday 19 March 2023 “Red Devils” Manchester United Open Old Trafford Stadium to meet Fulham’s “little magnate”.

Starting the first half, in the second minute, Fulham greeted first of the rhythm. Issa Diop headed in the penalty area. The slanted ball is already inserted under the crossbar, but David de Gea also narrowly brushed it off.

In the 12th minute, Manchester United counterattacked from the moment Marcus Rashford dragged the ball from the half until it reached the front of the penalty area. Before deciding to pass the ball to Vue, Weghorst had a full shot. But the ball is too light, Bernd Leno can handle it comfortably.

In the 30th minute, the big little army had attacked and that was the moment when Anthony Robinson opened the ball into the penalty area and Aleksandar Mitrovic hit the ball on his own, but he was hit under the ball so much so that the ball flew over. can get bad

In the 40th minute, the Red Devils army continued to attack and it was Marcel Sabitzer who shone well outside the penalty area. The ball went towards the goal, but Bernd Leno was still in a good position and still able to catch the ball.

In the 45th minute + 1, Manchester United almost took the lead from the moment Scott McTominay ran into the Fulham defensive line in the penalty area. Before firing the ball straight away, but sticking to Tim Ream a little bit, the ball changed the way out of the back with a chance.

Half time: Manchester United 0-0 Fulham.

In the second half, in the 47th minute, the big little army took the lead and attacked first from that moment. Willian backheels Anthony Robinson to run to shoot, but the ball doesn’t pass through his hands. David de Gea’s brilliant all round back.

GOAL!! In the 50th minute, Fulham took the lead until a corner kick from Andreas Pereira opened the ball into the box and Aleksandar Mitrovic ran into a full charge. Causing the visiting team to take a 1-0 lead

In the 65th minute, the majestic little army attacked hard. And he almost got the second goal from the rhythm of the corner kick Andreas Pereira, who opened it to the penalty area for Aleksandar Mitrovic to hit the road The ball is already inserted in the triangle, but David De Gea also jumped and narrowly brushed the ball.

VAR Penalty Red Card!! In the 69th minute, Manchester United missed an opportunity to take the lead from the moment Anthony opened the ball. Jadon Sancho before turning around the Fulham defender before being able to shoot open, but Willian ran in and narrowly blocked the ball from the back, but VAR pointed out that Manchester United had awarded a penalty to Willian’s handball in the last few seconds and he was then shown a red card.

RED CARD!! In the 74th minute, Fulham had to come down to 9 men from the moment Aleksandar Mitrovic could not control his temper and went out with a gesture that hit the referee. something that the referee considers hurt the referee and he disagreed with the award. picking up another red card from the concubine

GOAL!! In the 75th minute, Manchester United equalized until Bruno Fernandes took the lead from the spot. This work is not lost. Send the ball to the bottom of the net in a better way.

GOAL!! In the 77th minute, the Red Devils’ army quickly took the lead from the moment Luke Shore stabbed the ball to Marcel Sabitzer in front of the goal. Before he could quickly shoot the ball away from Bernd Leno, Man United were leading 2-1.

GOAL!! 90+5 minutes, the Red Devils were punished for the third goal from the moment Bruno Fernandes got the ball in the penalty area. Before bowing and shooting with the full point with the right He hit the ball hard into the net beautifully, Man United leading 3-1 away from home.

Time is up, Manchester United have managed to win a ticket to the semi-finals of the FA Cup 2022/23, having to face Brighton in the next round.

A list of 11 real players on the field

Manchester United : David De Gea (GK), Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Harry Maguire, Lisandro Martinez, Luke Shaw, Marcel Sabitzer, Scott McTominay, Jadon Sancho, Bruno Fernandes, Vout Graham, Marcus Rashford

Fulham: Bernd Leno (GK), Kenny Tete, Issa Diop, Tim Ream, Anthony Robinson, Harrison Reed, William, João Palinha, Andreas Pereira, Bobby Reed, Aleksandr Mitrovic

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