The student’s work was in vain; 700 tilopia fish dead | Student | Fish | Kerala News | News from Kerala

The fish raised in the pond died en masse. The incident took place at the house of Koyikkal Muraleedharan Nair. Muraleedharan’s son Kannan found 700 dead tilopia in a pond he had taken care of yesterday morning. They said they found two fish dead on Wednesday afternoon and checked the pH level of the water but found no problems. But in the morning the fish were completely dead.

About a quarter of a kilogram of three-month-old fish died. Kannan is a B.Tech student of Al Azar College, Thodupuzha. During the period from 10th class to plus two, the pool was dug at a depth of 6 feet by working on his own in his spare time. The pond is near the road so it is suspected that someone may have mixed some poison in the water. He lodged a complaint with the police.



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