Up to 80% off, Intragames PS4/Steam Lunar New Year discount

▲ Sherlock Holmes Chapter One representative image (Photo: Intragames)

On the 25th, Intra Games will be running a game discount sale for the Lunar New Year. The discount sale applies to PS4 and PC (Steam) games distributed by Intra Games. There are 52 target games, and the maximum discount rate is 80%.

Major titles include Ultra Age, which was released on September 9 last year, and Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, with the third paid DLC added on the 20th. Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is discounted by 20% on the regular edition, the deluxe edition, and the season pass.

In addition, God Hayarigami 2, The Witch and the Hundred Horsemen 2. Nipponichi software titles such as the Witch and the Hundred Horseman Revival, the Underground Labyrinth of Lufran and the Witch’s Brigade, and Disgaea Refine in the Demon World War II were also included.

In addition, Remnant from the Ashe main and additional content, combined with SNK’s Samurai Showdown, developed by Gunfire Games and published by Perfect World, are also sold at a discount for the regular version, deluxe edition, and season pass.

Intragames discount sales will start on January 26th on the PS Store and January 27th on Steam. The event ends on February 3rd for PC Steam and February 9th for PS Store. Detailed discount rates for each title can be found at the official store of each platform.



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