We need a solution to the shortage of stamps : Nattu Visesham

Ottapalam: Month-long stamp shortage to be resolved in Ottapalam Continues unremoved. Every time the stamp shortage will be resolved immediately And don’t do what Treasury officials tell those who complain The complaint is that there is no action.

For months, the shortage of stamps and the resulting conflict have been serious, and so the people say. Stamps face shortage in various sectors Ndhi has been formed.

Stamps for various government applications The shortage is creating problems. The much sought after 50, 100 and 200 rupees stamps are not available. Farmers should get benefits but not on stamp paper Need a racket deal. In the absence of 200, users have four 50 or two 100 stamps. .

But the vendors have only Rs 500 and Rs 1000 stamps that have Self-Government Institutions, Passport Offices, Education For most purposes related to institutions, the seal It is a conflict.

Birth and Death Certificates, School Certificates, Affiliation Needs affecting common people ranging from Davids and Bank Loans Stamps of 100, 50 and 20 rupees are required. Stamp 200 should be used for a lease deed and completion of Life Mission House.

But, all this is a waste of time to buy and use the Rs 500 stamp. They are common people. Stamp of 500 rupees to all sellers and writers of Aadhaar.Stamp 1000 rupees in urgent cases as stone is not convenient Newspaper should also be used.

Manpower shortage at Central Depot causes type rotation Treasury officials say the problem is a lack of money. The arrival of Mudra papers from the press in Nashik has also reduced. The authorities announced that the shortage of stamps will be resolved soon. the