What a cow

Nowadays there is a word internet of things There is one foreign word that came to mind when I heard the word internet of things in what a cow Means ‘anything that irritates’ ‘Difficult’ ‘I can’t predict what will happen’ ‘Not pleasant’

Guava is often used a cow compare to ‘A woman with a bad temper’ Odessa is a cow. Odessa is a modest woman, and cows are also used to insult each other as an insult to the clan. The manager was very unhappy with the head of the department. They were so furious that their ears wobbled twice, and their brows furrowed together in such a mess that they could not be drawn, and cried, Now look what you’ve done, you silly cow! Look, what are you doing, idiot? I asked Orrin. An old friend from high school about what he’s up to now. A friend shouted, “Cow-banging.” means ‘working on a dairy farm’.


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