“Yaya Urassaya – Nat Kitcharit” shows the cutest moment in the special MV “Everything Is All You” celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Central Department Store.

From now on… everyone’s heart will be filled with love because Central Department Store A subsidiary of Central Retail is celebrating its 75th birthday, releasing a music video that invites you to feel satisfied and immersed in love in the song “Everything Is All You”, together with the hottest female stars. Yaya-Urasaya Sperbund and the handsome man Mad Sir Nut-Nat Kitcharit Kojorn meet again in this special music video to bring smiles and happiness to everyone. Warm hearts with love from both of them. It can be viewed together at https://youtu.be/dZOMv9FOlO8 with all streaming platforms including LINE TV, Apple Music, Joox, Spotify and Tidal at https://spd.lnk.to/everythingisallyou

by talented actress Yaya-Urasaya Sperbund revealed her feelings about participating in the MV this time, saying, “I’m very happy. who came to play the MV Everything Is All You from Central Department Store The story of the MV is Phil Good and very warm. It conveys the love story of two people with special memories no matter how far apart they are, but the memories remain. As for the atmosphere of filming the MV in Central Chidlom, it was fun and friendly. Partly due to being able to work with Nut again. He secretly whispered that there was also a dance-out at the end. It’s a cute dance that I think fans should be able to follow. And please everyone follow the MV and the song Everything Is All You.”

On the side of Nut-Nat Kitcharit, who returned to play an MV for Central Department Store again, he said, “It’s an honor that Central Department Store allows me to be a part of the 75th anniversary celebration by participating in the Central Department Store MV game again Makes me feel like an adult with Central Department Store. In addition, I also played a MV with ‘Yaya’, who we are both very close to because we played in a series together before. When I came to this event, it reminded me of old feelings, be it with ‘Yaya’ and ‘Central Department Store’ It was a very happy and fun time, and I would like to ask everyone to follow this MV too please I can assure you that everyone will be smiling with both of us for sure.”

For the music video “Everything Is All You” conveys the memory of a person who falls in love with someone with all his heart, starring Yaya-Urasaya Sperbund with the character of a bright, cute girl who captivates the heart . T-Nat Kitcharit went into so much, leading to many sweet moments where the two kept every detail as a good memory for each other. Until the time passed, the two of them scattered along their own paths. Even after a long time, those good memories and feelings will always remain. Because no matter what item or event you see, it makes you smile and think of those happy moments all the time. until the two meet again So create a story for everyone to join in the love of both of them at the same time.

Follow the couple’s love collection and enjoy the cuteness of “Yaya” and “Nat” in MV Everything Is All You, available simultaneously at https://youtu.be/dZOMv9FOlO8 with all streaming platforms including LINE TV, Apple Music , Joox, Spotify and Tidal https://spd.lnk.to/everythingisallyyou

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