Yeom Gyeong-yeop, the winning coach, looked back on my dream, 2 years and 32 years [일문일답]

[마이데일리 = 잠실 박승환 기자] “My goal is also to become a winning coach. It’s a dream.”

Director Yeom Gyeong-yeop hosted the 14th LG Twins inauguration ceremony held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 14th. Director Yeom Kyung-yeop, who has accumulated a lot of experience as a coach, manager, and front desk, signed a contract with LG on the 6th for a three-year contract period and earned a total of 2.1 billion (a down payment of 300 million win, an annual salary of 500 million won, and an option of 300 million won) and return to the field.

Coach Yeom Gyeong-yeom said, “It is an honor to be appointed manager of LG, a popular KBO club.” I want to become a manager who can do that. I will try to become a helpful leader for the team, training staff and players.”

▲ What did you feel during the finishing camp?

“I was excited that there were a lot of young players with potential for growth. I was excited because he was coming back after two years. The training time was so much fun. Our goal is to win, but it’ It seems that the excitement and the responsibility are becoming greater than the pressure.”

▲ What are the advantages and disadvantages of LG?

“LG’s strength is that its young players have grown a lot. Also, the old and the new are well coordinated. They have the power to win. If we look for a weakness, this is it.” r details. There are not enough details in the game and preparation. I think I didn’t. I talk to the coaching staff to fill in these parts of the finish camp, and I fill in the general part, such as the training direction.”

The overall operation of the team is principled, independent and responsible. I have three words and I intend to do it with the players. The principle is the principle of playing the game, the management, and the direction of the team with the players. Only then do I think it is fair and just. I think team management is correct when the same benefits and punishments are applied to good players and bad players.

The second is autonomy. Effort is something that individuals should try to think about, rather than being forced to do. I think individual efforts are much more successful. It will determine the direction of training young players and what kind of players they should grow into, but I experienced during my Nexen days that finding the path is the fastest way for players to grow. It is important that baseball comes first and let them know how important baseball is and how it can bring them happiness. I think the performance is huge depending on whether the organization moves happily and independently at work. The same goes for baseball. The goal is for players to come to the baseball field thinking, ‘What will I do today?, How will I play?’

Third is responsibility. Responsibility in the game where players matter most is important. Whether it’s 1-0 or 0-10, I hope I have the responsibility to do my best in the game I played in. I want to play baseball with a sense of responsibility as a professional player and a public figure in my personal life.”

▲ Did you think LG was a team that could win?

“Our Twins have enough power to win. The two years have been a great time for me. I think this is a good person. My goal is also to become a winning coach. I’m lucky to coach a team that can win a championship I’m lucky to coach a team with such power Over the past 32 years in 2 years It’s time to look back, I reflected on the parts I failed in, and I think these parts will be great to help manage a team.

What has changed is that there was a section that was impatient in terms of management, and because of that impatience, there were difficulties in appointing players from among a limited number of people. In the end various experiences made me think about why I was good when I was good. It was time to learn what I liked from the manual and fix the parts I didn’t like so I could improve a little more. With this, I plan to take action next season.”

▲ LG foreign batters were not good What kind of batters are good?

“It’s good if a hitter comes along who hits a lot of home runs. But I think the most important thing is average. Accuracy is necessary to eventually increase home runs. I hope that scouting focuses on accuracy. It doesn’t seem bad”

▲ Specific goals for next season

The CEO said, ‘My goal is to advance to the Korea Series, and I want to win the championship. I have had a lot of experience and failed, so failures more than anyone else will be my strength in reducing my mistakes as a manager.’ I have one goal..The goal of every club coach is to win, but once you win the pennant race, you have a higher chance of winning. I think the first goal is to do your very best to win the race pennant .

▲ I became manager at the same time as manager Lee Seung-yeop, and I am determined to compete against rivals.

“It is a competition with Doosan, but rather than being particularly cautious, every game situation is created and if you do your best accordingly, there will be good results. I hope coach Lee Seung -yeop beats a lot of other teams.”

▲ Have you talked about FA?

“When a situation arises because I play the front desk, Director Cha Myung-seok talks to me. If I talk about something, it can be demanding. As a director, I believe that the director’s role is to do his best under the given information. circumstances.”

▲ Cultivating promising players

“On the field side, young players are growing. On the starting side, I intend to give the prospects a chance. I intend to make ~9. I will make good use of the 8 players throughout the season . It’s not easy for the players.” current (Lee) Min-ho or (Kim) Yoon-shik to play full time. In the meantime, we are thinking about nurturing young players.”

▲ There are variables at play such as the Hangzhou Asian Games.

“It is difficult to tell you the details because it is a strategy. In short-term games, if you delay, you will lose. The most important point is that in short-term games, if the leader hesitates and thinks about the thing, the chances of winning decrease. Second, Asians It can be a crisis for our team in the game. In case the players leave, we will prepare for the Asian Games in the first half of the season by choosing candidates while camping during the term.”

▲ Most watched player

“Lee Jae-win. I saw him as a player who could really explode if he exploded. He is a player who is about to burst with potential in many ways, including physical and mechanical. , If you train through various data , I think Lee Jae-won will grow up fast.”

▲ The composition of the coaching staff

“It’s almost finished. All that’s left is an announcement from the club.”

▲ Song Chan-eui is doing well in Geelong.

“I think Song Chan-eui is a player who has the talent and ability to become an important player at LG. In order to get into the first team a little more, you need to think about your position. Song Chan-eui is a player who needs to be developed in many ways. We will discuss which site will have the most opportunities and be able to grow.”

[LG 염경엽 감독이 14일 오후 서울 잠실야구장에서 진행된 ‘LG 트윈스 제14대 감독 취임식’에서 인사하고 있다. 신임 염경엽 감독은 계약기간 3년에 총액 21억원(계약금 3억원, 연봉 5억원,옵션 3억원)에 LG의 새로운 감독으로 부임했다. 사진 = 잠실 유진형 기자]

Jamsil = Reporter Park Seung-hwan

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