Aadhaar-ID card linking: BLOs in circles on new order

Calpacanism | The new order for booth-level officials to visit houses to link Aadhaar card and election ID card has been accused of circumventing those entrusted with such duties. As part of this activity, the BLO Marks, who participate in home visits, have been given permission to come two hours early or late from the government office. BLOs go from house to house to meet voters personally to link voter ID card with Aadhaar card.

This strange order was issued on the last day in a situation where BLOs use their holidays for this purpose as absence from duty for such activities is not allowed. The order was submitted by giving permission to attend their office two hours early or late on any ten days during the period up to the 30th of this month based on the certificate of the Electoral Registration Officer in question. But according to the new order, this difficult work cannot be finished in time, those that have come to light since then.

Most of the workers have a long distance between their booth and the office if they have to reach the office two hours late. Their argument is that if they come to the office or leave late, they will not be able to reach the booth and carry out activities. They also say that if the duty leave is given fewer days as a solution to this, it can be completely successful.

On average, each booth has 900 to 1,300 voters. According to BLOmar, there is a situation where someone has to visit the same house again as it is not possible to see all the members at the same time. This also results in more time being lost. Apart from this, app crashes and network limitations make it difficult for those assigned to such jobs.

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