After coping with the advice of a storyteller, even the IMF… ‘Kokkomu’ illuminates the late Hanbo Chairman Jung Tae-soo

[SBS연예뉴스 | 강선애 기자] SBS ‘Story of the day biting the tail’ (hereafter referred to as ‘Kokkomu’) sheds light on the late chairman Jeong Tae-soo.

‘Kokkomu’, broadcast on the 30th, is ‘Man of Earth and Iron – Chairman Chung’s imagination becomes reality’, following last week’s Hyundai Chairman Chung Ju-young, and Hanbo Chairman Jeong Tae-soo. Unlike the heartbreaking story of Chairman Chung Ju-young, who visited North Korea with 1,000 cows, this episode of Chairman Jeong Tae-soo is expected to provoke ‘200% purity’ outrage.

One day in 1969, 47-year-old Tae-soo visited an old pub in the back alley of Jongno 5-ga. There was a teacher, Baek Woon-hak, who was reputedly the best fortune teller of the time. Tae-soo, who was a low-level civil servant in the tax office, was full of worries about raising his children as he was about to turn 50 years old.

Baek said something surprising to Mr. “You, beat the civil servants and do business! You will become the first and second richest people in Korea,” he said, recommending the business. Even Mr. Baek specific instructions for his business, saying, “You are born with soil energy. If you touch soil, you will become very rich.”

Hearing the saying, ‘If you touch soil, you will become rich’, Tae-soo thought and came up with two business items. It was the mining and construction industries. Tae-su, who decided to risk his fate on the advice of a fortune teller, even threw in his resignation at the tax office at the age of 52.

As Mr. predicted. Baek, the business of Mr. Tae-soo on the rise. In the mines bought at a bargain price, burst seams, and all flat buildings were sold out. In particular, the apartment built on the land in Daechi-dong, Gangnam was very popular. The hot potato in the Gangnam reconstruction market, ‘Eunma Apartment’, is the work of Tae-soo. Tae-soo, who won 135 billion won immediately with Eunma Apartment, will rise to the position of CEO of a conglomerate in 10 years. He was Jeong Tae-soo, chairman of the Hanbo Group.

Chairman Chung was confident even after devoting himself to business in his 50s. The source of his confidence was ‘yeoksul’. He carefully followed feng shui not only the location of the company, but also the location of the person himself, and decided on major business events in consultation with fortune tellers.

Around the time that Chairman Chung was rumored to be running ‘fortune management’, a dire prophecy came to him. With the prophecy, “Chairman Chung, your luck will run out around the age of 60,” were the words of another fortune teller, Master Park from Busan, who was matched with Mr. Baek. Dosa Park, nicknamed the living Tojeong, prophesied that dark clouds hang over the future of Chairman Jeong Tae-soo. Among the two people who were called ‘legendary fortune tellers’, which one is right?

In 1997, the winter of that year was a particularly long and cold season for the people. Chairman Jeong Tae-soo and Hanbo were in the middle of the ‘IMF foreign exchange crisis’, a national bankruptcy that fell like dominoes from ordinary workers to prominent conglomerates.

Chairman Chung, who had been expanding his business irrationally, dreaming of entering the top 10 in the business world, this time, instead of ‘soil’, he threw ‘iron’ into the game. The ideal steel plant ‘Hanbo Steel’, built by filling the coastal waters of Dangjin, Chungcheongnam-do, was a sign of collapse. The dream steel mill, built entirely on debt, began to shake the Korean economy as well as the Hanbo Group.

Chairman Chung was in every dark shadow of our economy, from managing fortune telling and political lobbying to the chairman’s wheelchair fighting spirit. The hidden economic secrets of Chairman Jeong Tae-soo, recorded as a story of failure and collapse rather than a success story, are exposed in ‘Kokomu’.

In this story, web writer Joo Ho-min, member of the Apink group Bomi, and comedian Kim Yong-myeong will appear.

Joo Ho-min appeared in ‘Kokomu’ as a story friend of Jang Seong-gyu. He went into ‘talking mode’ and relaxed, but because of ‘this’ which appeared to be a snack, he was in danger of practicing silence from the first appearance. The identity of ‘this’ that made Joo Ho-min, who has a batting average of 100%, shut his mouth, will be revealed on the main broadcast of ‘Kokomu’.

Jang Hyun-sung’s story friend is Apink’s Bomi. Bomi, who continued to respond pleasantly to the flood of questions from senior senior Jang Hyeon-seong, and showed the appearance of the second episode of ‘Kokkomu’, heard the story of Chairman Jeong, which was somewhat unfamiliar to those born in the 90s. , and praised him for being “so cool” I couldn’t hide my anger.

A story friend who ran towards the most appearances in ‘Kokkomu’ also appeared. This is Jang Do-yeon’s self-proclaimed friend, comedian Kim Yong-myeong. From the outset, he rightly noted Chairman Chung’s admiration and surprised everyone in the production team. In addition, when Chairman Chung saw in the video of the hearing that made the year 1997 turbulent, he went beyond anger and even laughed absurdly.

The last episode of the chairman series, the 72nd story of ‘Kokomu’, ‘A Man of Earth and Iron – Chairman Chung’s imagination becomes reality’ will be broadcast on Thursday, the 30th at 10:30pm.

Reporter Kang Seon-ae


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