Antony Perumbavoor joins ‘Amma’ Antony Perumbavoor AMMA Member

Producer Antony Perumbavoor has joined ‘Amma’. Antony joined the organization in connection with the general body meeting of ‘Amma’ held in Kochi on Sunday. Antony has acted in over 26 films from ‘Kilukkam’. Antony has acted as a full-fledged character in films such as 21st Century, Scene 2. Antony last appeared in the Mohanlal-Priyadarshan film ‘Marakkari’.

Ashirwad Cinemas, owned by Antony, has produced some of the biggest grossing films in Malayalam. Apart from production, he was also involved in acting. Antony also previously served as president of Fiok, an organization of theater owners.

Antony Perumbavoor has acted in small roles since the day he came into the film. Antony will also be seen in Prithviraj’s Bro Daddy. The film is also being produced by Antony himself.




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