| Aravanathonis rots | Mangalam

Sabarimala: As Aravana manufacturing has gone into the mechanized system, Aravana thonis, traditionally used for making prasad, are being destroyed without protection.

An old Aravana canoe lies abandoned in the empty corner of Annadana Mandapam near Malikappuram. The need to preserve two canoes lying abandoned for a quarter of a century had long been raised. Before the advent of the Aravana plant, when there were no steamers or coolers, this aravana thoni was made of steel to cool the aravana made in the warp. The cooked aravana is transferred to a vessel and stirred with a spatula until it cools. After this, fill the bottle with aravana.

These are the Aravanathonis who have offered offerings to lakhs of devotees. The devotees want the Antiquities Department to at least be ready to take over the Aravanathonis after understanding their heritage and glory.

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