Beauty Curly X Risabae, ‘My Favorite Beauty’ campaign

‘Beauty’ reinterpreted by beauty expert Risabae revealed through 4 different makeup photos
If you check your own beauty style, discount coupons and gifts are also presented

Curly, a technology retail company, announced on the 27th that it will be running Beauty Curly’s ‘All of My Favorite Beauty’ campaign with make-up artist Risabae.

This campaign, which runs until the 10th of next month, presents Leesabae’s reinterpretation of ‘My Favorite Beauty’ in four make-up pictures. When users select the style they want to try, they offer customized product suggestions and a 20% off coupon for purchases of 30,000 won or more.

Various makeup products expressed in the photo can be found at Beauty Curly, such as natural expression of skin texture, bright glowing skin, plenty of double line eyelashes and red lip points, as well as eco-friendly eyes and brown lips with eye holes . Best selling products from different brands such as Mac, Laura Mercier, Lancome, and Bobbi Brown were included.

During the campaign period, if you purchase a product from Beauty Curly and verify the purchase on your Instagram feed, a total of 50 people will be selected and have a reserve of 30,000 won.

Curly Joara, head of the campaign planning team, said, “If you try different compositions without being tied to your personal color, you will see your true beauty.”

Various events are held during the month of April. If you follow Beauty Curly Instagram, you will receive generous prizes such as a Dyson Airwrap and a Medicube Beauty Device, and if you leave likes and comments on designated posts, you will receive lottery points.

Reporter Seong Hyeon-hee


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