China conducts ballistic missile training in Xinjiang After the end of military exercises around Taiwan l TNN World Today l TNN World Today

China is conducting live ballistic missile training in continuous live fire exercises After completing the maneuvers around the island of Taiwan But did not specify the date, time and location. Reuters named the location as Xinjiang, while China also announced a no-fly and no-fly zone near the island of Taiwan. Update news highlights and interesting analysis. Become online friends with TNN World, click Follow TNN World through various channels on the Website : Youtube : TikTok : Channel to follow TNN channel 16 news station /c/tnn16 https://www.facebook .com/TNNthailand/ https :// Line @TNNONLINE or click Keep up with the world, keep up with the economy, keep up with the truth with TNN Channel 16, a news station that adheres to the principle of presenting news to the point, quickly, accurately, accurately and impartially by a professional news team.