Controversy and Chaos: 1570 kg of Worm-Eaten Fish Seized at Thrissur Railway Station

Food Safety Department Seizes 1570kg of Worm-Infested Fish from Shalimar Express

Thrissur, Kerala –

The food safety department has taken decisive action by confiscating and disposing of 1570 kilograms of worm-infested fish that were being transported on the Shalimar Express train from Balasore in Odisha. This operation followed hours of controversy and a relentless effort by the authorities to ensure public safety.

The situation escalated when the railway authorities initially refused to cooperate with the food safety team and release the suspect fish for inspection. In an attempt to evade detection, half of the fish boxes were surreptitiously taken through an alternative route while the officers were briefly incapacitated. Fortunately, the vigilant police, tipped off about this scheme, apprehended the culprits and retrieved the contraband, promptly turning it over to the Food Safety Department.

Under the watchful eyes of concerned officials, the containers were opened at the Thrissur railway station, revealing a disturbing scene of worms devouring the contaminated fish. To ascertain the extent of the contamination, the officials conducted a test using the Quick Kit, which detected the presence of ammonium.

Upon unloading the Shalimar Express at Thrissur station late last Friday afternoon, 18 thermocol boxes were found, containing 12 boxes of dry salted fish and 6 boxes of frozen raw fish. Each box was found to weigh approximately 80 kilograms.

The culpability for this tainted seafood falls squarely on the shoulders of four traders at the Sakthan Market, who had consigned the shipment. Alert passengers noticed the foul odor emanating from the fish and promptly alerted the Food Safety Department. However, their efforts to inspect the cargo were impeded by the Railway Protection Force (RPF), who insisted they wait for the railway food safety department to arrive and conduct the necessary checks. The impasse continued until 11:30 pm when, facing an unresolved situation, the authorities decided to maintain a vigilant presence outside the station.

Yesterday morning, a group of individuals arrived at 8 am, surreptitiously removing the fish boxes through an alternate exit and loading them into waiting vehicles before heading to the market. Authorities quickly responded to this development, successfully retrieving the vehicles and returning them to the station yard. Subsequently, under the guidance of food safety officers, the boxes were opened and the presence of worms confirmed. Most of the affected boxes contained popular fish varieties such as Aoli, Neimeen, and Manthal. Samples were collected from these specimens and sent for testing at the laboratory in Kakkanad, while the remainder were disposed of under appropriate protocols. Remarkably, only three boxes of dried fish were deemed fit for consumption, pending results from the chemical analysis to ensure no additives or contaminants were present.

In Conclusion

The food safety department’s seizure of 1570 kilograms of worm-infested fish, transported on the Shalimar Express, serves as a stark reminder of the importance of stringent food safety regulations. This incident underscores the crucial role played by diligent authorities in protecting public health and safety. Investigation into the source of these contaminated fish is underway, and the culprits responsible for jeopardizing the wellbeing of unsuspecting consumers will be held accountable.

Thrissur ∙ The food safety department seized and destroyed 1570 kg of worm-eaten fish brought to Shalimar Express from Balasore in Odisha after hours of controversy. The food safety team and the police stood vigil outside the Thrissur railway station platform after the railway authorities refused to release the dirty fish for inspection.

Half the fish boxes were smuggled out by a different route by blindfolding the officers, but the police, who were aware of the information, went after them, caught them, brought them back and handed them over to r Food Safety Department. A team of officers opened the fish boxes in front of the station and found fish that were being eaten by worms. Ammonium was detected in the test using the Quick Kit.

18 thermocol boxes were unloaded on the first platform of Thrissur station of the Shalimar Express which arrived around 4 pm on Friday. 12 boxes of dry salted fish. 6 boxes of frozen raw fish. An average of 80 kg of fish per box.

The fish became the name of 4 traders in Sakthan Market. Passengers notified the Food Safety Department after the smell spread. The RPF stopped the food safety team that arrived at the platform for inspection. The railway food safety department was instructed to check and return. However, the inspection team will return only after the arrival of the railway food safety department. The dispute continued until 11.30. Still, when no decision was reached, they stood vigil outside the station.

A group of people came yesterday morning at 8 o’clock and took the fish boxes outside the station through another door, loaded them into autos and took them to the market. The police came after the information and brought the cars back to the station yard. When the boxes were opened under the guidance of food safety officers, worms were found. Most of the boxes are fish like Aoli, Neimeen and Manthal. Samples were taken from these and sent to Kakkanad’s laboratory and the rest destroyed. Only 3 boxes of dried fish have been kept intact. These will only be released to the owners if the test results show that no chemicals have been added.

English summary: 1570 kilograms of damaged fish seized

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