Director Kuriyama | was impressed by the Czech’s refreshing “very polite” applause after the match Full Account

After the match, Samurai J applauded.

On the 11th, the Japanese national baseball team “Samurai Japan” defeated the Czech Republic National Team 10-2 in the “Tokyo Ball-Base WORLD Carnext 2023 1st Round 1st Round”, and advanced to the 1st round with 3 consecutive wins . After the game, Coach Kuriyama Hideki said he was impressed by the Czech team, whose refreshing play impressed them, saying, “In a difficult environment to continue playing baseball, I could feel that they love baseball and want to get better.”

Play thoroughly with all your strength without fearing opponents of a higher rank. Although this was their first appearance, Czech Nine showed a magnificent play. Director Kuriyama said, “It is very comfortable, or rather, it is polite, and I felt that I had to fight with something that I should never forget in my heart.” After the game, both teams gave each other applause to praise their good fight.

SAMURAI JAPAN scored 31 points in 3 games and exploded, but “The three games were very difficult for international tournaments. That’s what I feel,” said the commander as he tightened his helmet straps after winning. On this day, 12 years after the Great East Japan Earthquake, about pitcher Aki Sasaki (Lotte), who pitched well with 8 hit and 1 run in the middle of the 4th inning, he said, “Feeling various things about him, I think more than throwing the ball. It seemed to deliver,” he said.

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