Don’t Say No The Series Release the first teaser to appetizer the fin on June 20

“Don’t Say No The Series when hearts are close together” Starring 2 actors in the Y series industry. “Ja Phachara Suansri” as “Leo” and “First Chalongrat Nobsamrong” Take on the role of “Fiat” released the first teaser with the slogan. “When the heart is clear As a girlfriend, what should I do next?” Come out to appetizer the Y girl to prepare and prepare to be satisfied before the actual airing in August. From a friend to a girlfriend… Where to start a relationship like a boyfriend and a former friend!?! Until love can be beautiful and understand each other What stories will have to go through to measure their hearts? And how will they both deal with such feelings? Come and find answers together in the latest Y series of Mi Mind Y Co., Ltd. and “Don’t Say No The Series. When hearts are close, quickly Recently on channel one31 and can continue to watch on LINE TV only.

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