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Film tells the world The Queen ‘it’s time to adjust’

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Watch a film celebrating the official birthday of Queen Elizabeth II of England in a week when the royal family is in the news again.

This week, the British royal family is in the news again. When Prince Harry and Megan Markle or the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, has announced that the successor to two daughters and was named to that. Lilith “Lili” Diana Mountbatten-Windsor name Elizabeth is the childhood nickname of Queen Elizabeth II. Phra Payika (great-grandmother) of a baby andThis Saturday, June 12, is the official birthday of His Majesty. The movie tells the world this week, so it’s worth watching related movies.

I must confess that the author just watched the famous 2006 movie. The Queen Just a few days ago for this week’s special agenda. Films directed by Stephen Frears This story tells the story of one of the most important decisions in the life of Queen Elizabeth II following the events of August 31, 1997, when Princess Diana died in a car accident in Paris, France. causing sorrow and heartbreak for the whole world But the British royal family remained silent. with assuming that is “Personal matter” Princess Diana at that time was divorced from Prince Charles. The Crown Prince of England has completed considered a person outside the royal family Princess Diana’s funeral was a matter for the Spencer family. The princess’s former family was the manager. Of course, the Queen’s royal judgment goes against the rest of the world. especially the British people

Back then, a few months ago, in May, England had just acquired a new government with young people likeTony Blair of the Labor Party became Prime Minister. As an elected leader, Blair knows that The royal family’s indifference to this loss was not good. while Queen Elizabeth II As a head of state who has passed many prime ministers, he has insisted. “She is no longer a royal. This is a personal matter.” He said this not because he was a heartless person. but because he was brought up in such a way keep calm not showing feelings in public

Prime Minister Blair has made several attempts to obey the recommendation. because the supreme institutions do not express what the people want Echoes emerged through the media. Even a survey of opinions found that One in four informants agreed to overthrow the monarchy. The government had to make urgent recommendations for the Queen to follow. One of them is the funeral arrangements. “Princess of the People”, the mother of the future King of England Of course, it was difficult for Queen Elizabeth II to make a decision based on the suggestion of a modern government, but she eventually gave in. to prevent catastrophe from happening to the royal family

The film conveys the emotions of His decision in an interesting way. He looked and felt that the great Queen was a normal person. To admit that what he had always believed was shaken was not easy. But he was able to lead the British royal family through that crisis. Makes the writer think of the words of one teacher who once said that England prospered when ruled by women. In a thousand years of history England has already had 8 female rulers who are very famous. People around the world are known through many movies. There are 3 of them as follows. Queen Elizabeth I, 4th female ruler, ascended the throne on January 15, 1559. As the movie told the world last week. The 45-year reign has built the solidarity of the kingdom and laid the foundation for the British nation.

The next famous queen was in the 7th place.Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland He reigned on June 28, 1828 and became Empress of India. Between May 1, 1876 – January 22, 1901 (Death Day), Queen Victoria was once known as the longest reigning monarch in the British monarchy. His reign was when the British Empire spread political and economic power around the world, known as the “Victorian Era.” He was married to Prince Albert of Saxony-Coburg and Gotha. When both of them were 17 years old together. There are 8 sons and daughters who have separated to marry other European dynasties. Queen Victoria therefore had the nickname “Her Majesty the Queen of Europe”

The 8th female parent isQueen Elizabeth II reigned from 6 Feb 1952 to the present. Longest serving in the British royal family He was the eldest daughter of King George VI.

Queen Elizabeth II married Prince Philip in 1947 and had four sons and daughters during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. 2British Empire converted to British Commonwealth The royal family has undergone many changes both in the context of the world and the story within the royal family. Even Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh Her husband, Prince Philip, will live together for the rest of his life, Prince Philip, who died on April 9. But the son-daughter has only divorce. especially the pair of Prince Charles Prince, Princess Diana, Prince Harry or the deceased. Grandson and Shaya Meghan who come out for interviews to attack the royal family often It’s like a test of how well the Pillars of the British Royal Family will lead the royal family.

For the future of the Queen who ruled England Although the other three generations of heirs, including Prince Charles Prince William and Prince George all men But the United Kingdom changed the law to allow the first daughter to inherit the throne before the younger brother. Princess Charlotte Daughter of Prince William and Catherine’s Wife who had the face of Elizabeth like a sheep in the line of succession to the throne after Prince George elder brother and before Prince Louis With this shift taking place in the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, who will be crowning her 70th anniversary next year, her time on the throne was a time for real adaptation.


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