Former President Moon Jae-in “It’s a shame that assets like Seo Hoon are being cut…”

Suh Hoon, former head of the National Security Bureau in the Blue House, attends the interrogation (warrant review) of a suspect before his arrest held at the Seoul Central District Court on the 2nd. Correspondent Junheon Lee

On the 4th, former President Moon Jae-in, former head of the Blue House National Security Office, Suh Hoon, was arrested in connection with the murder of a public official in the West Sea. It’s such a shame that such an asset is being cut.”

Former President Moon said on the Social Network Service (SNS) that day, “Director Seo Hoon is the best expert, strategist and negotiator in North Korea who participated in all North Korean negotiations under the Kim Dae-jung , Roh Moo-hyun, and Moon. Jae-in administrations.” Regarding Seo, former President Moon said, “Even between South Korea and the United States, by establishing the best information cooperation relationship, close cooperation with the United States was able to overcome a crisis North Korea’s nuclear and missile program in the early days of the Moon Jae-in administration, and led to the Peace Olympics and the North Korea-US summit, resulting in a major turning point of peace,” he said.

Former President Moon said, “The best negotiating strategy between South and North Korea and between South Korea and the United States is trust.” “Trust requires consistent efforts over a long period of time. When trust collapses once, it becomes more powerful,” criticized the prosecution’s investigation into the murder of a civil servant in the West Sea.

Democratic Party lawmaker Park Beom-gye, who served as the last justice minister in the Moon Jae-in administration, commented on this article, saying, “It is completely incomprehensible that the government is leading the trust crisis.”

Former President Moon previously said, “I express my deep concern about the reckless behavior that neutralizes the security system” over the prosecution’s investigation on the 1st, the day before the warrant review for the former Chief Executive Seo, and “I hope you will not cross. the line.”

Park Jeong-ha, chief spokesperson of People’s Power, made a verbal comment on the day and commented on former President Moon’s writing, saying, “The overreaction to former chief Seo is interpreted as someone who somehow wants to avoid responsibility for himself by supporting former boss Seo .” “Don’t cross the road,” he said.

The opposition and opposition parties showed conflicting reactions when Seo was arrested on the 3rd. People’s Power claimed that “former President Moon Jae-in was the last person responsible for driving to North Korea,” and the Democratic Party criticized it as “a political revenge investigation whose conclusions were decided according to the taste of the regime. “

In a commentary, Park Jeong-ha, chief spokesman of People’s Power, told former President Moon, “I said I would live a forgotten life, but it seems that a thief is restless as if a thief is shaking his feet.” Jang Dong-hyuk, spokesman for People’s Power, said, “Now, there is only one person left beyond the line of truth, former President Moon.” will do,” he said.

The Democratic Party denied that the arrest of the former Chief Seo was an investigation into political revenge. Democratic Party spokesman Lim Oh-gyeong said in a commentary, “It is difficult to understand that former Chief Seo was arrested for fear of destroying evidence.”

Representative Yun Geon-young, who served as head of the Blue House Office of State Affairs in the Moon Jae-in administration, said on social media, “Who would want to devote himself to his country and country in a situation where an arrest warrant is sought about the best North Korean expert in Korea without any basis, just for political revenge?” “Even the great resources within the NIS will be cautious and skeptical. I’ll just look at it,” he said.

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