Is it more comfortable than driving Pavlov, RTX3090 Ti, announced as PSVR2?

After it was revealed that Pavlov, a VR FPS game developed by Canadian indie game producer Vankrupt Games, will be released as PSVR2, the developer’s comments in the Discord community are attracting attention.

The developer said that the PSVR2 version of Pavlov is more comfortable, saying that there will be a 10% performance increase compared to running it in VR on a PC. In particular, when asked about additional types of GPU for the PC VR, he pointed out by answering NVIDIA RTX3090 Ti.

Despite the GPU at a level significantly different from the specifications of the PS5 console, there is an opinion that various optimization techniques applied to PSVR2 and optimization for the fixed specifications of PS5 will shine more. It is assumed that foveated rendering, an eye tracking function applied to PSVR2, will be more effective.

It seems likely that not only this Pavlov VR game, but also various PC VR games will be transferred to PSVR2, and similar benefits in the optimization part are very likely to be applied, so games can be expected More pleasant VR.

Meanwhile, PSVR2 is scheduled to be released on February 22nd, and will be sold at a regular price of 549.99 dollars and 798,8000 won in Korea.

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