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While the next iPhone SE is expected to be announced soon, it is expected that the product name will be “iPhone SE + 5G” and that a new SE model with a 5.7 inch screen may appear in 2023. Has been reported.

The source of this rumor is Ross Young, a display industry consultant. He’s a reliable source of displays for Apple’s unreleased products, with a screen size of 8.3 inches for the 6th generation iPad mini and a 14-inch / 16-inch MacBook Pro (2021) up to 120Hz within the last year. I was exactly expecting to have a mini LED screen with a variable refresh rate.

Now, Young said in a tweet that the next iPhone SE will be called “iPhone SE + 5G” because it will be the first low-priced model to support 5G. In addition, the expectation that it will be a 4.7-inch LCD screen is in line with other analysts and leakers (people who send influential information about unreleased products of interest).

Apple simply calls the current model the “iPhone SE,” and this is the first time that the product name for the next model could be different. However, with the same 4.7-inch screen as the predecessor, it seems strange if the “Plus (+)” that was previously used for large screen models (iPhone 7 Plus, etc.) is attached. Also, the word “5G” seems to be a throwback to the “iPhone 3G” more than 13 years ago, and it seems a little unlikely.

Young also mentions another iPhone SE that was previously expected to be available in 2024. The screen will be 5.7 inches or 6.1 inches, while it is more likely to be released in 2023 than in 2024.

To sum up the rumors so far, the next iPhone SE will inherit the housing design (same as the iPhone 8) such as the previous “4.7 inch screen and home button with Touch ID on the front”, but the latest A15 Bionic chip. It is a place that is equipped with and supports 5G. For the next SE model, the expectation that it will have a full-screen design like the iPhone XR / 11 and a side Touch ID button is becoming more promising.

There have been rumors that the next iPhone SE has already started test production and is preparing for mass production for launch in early 2022. If the price is expected to be 269 dollars (about 31,000 yen or more), it will have a big impact on the middle range 5G smartphone market.

However, if you want a new iPhone with Touch ID that has a wider screen and a device that looks the same as the iPhone 8 released in 2017, you may want to wait for another year or so. Hmm.

Source:Ross Young(Twitter)

via: 9to5mac

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