“JJ” says I will never quit “Daneng” for sure.

Nine Entertainment 30 Nov -Makes the fans feel bad. I thought that the young man “JJ Kritsanapoom” and his girlfriend “Daneng Kanyawee”, who have been in a relationship for 5 years, have a problem. After a fan took a look at the girl’s Instagram “Da Neng” and saw that all the couple photos were hidden.

Respondent admits that there is a problem with his girlfriend. Until causing the woman to hide the couple’s photos in IG really. It’s the fault of one’s own misbehavior. But on the day of the news It has been cleared for several days. Ready to reiterate on the day that the news comes out Tell yourself in your heart “I definitely won’t break up with Daneng.”

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“JJ” loud! Don’t quit “Da Neng” explains the reason why the boyfriend hides the couple photos (Full clip) ►

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