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‘Knowing Bros’ fencing Avengers dispatch ‘If Jun-ho Kim and Sang-wook Oh fight, who will win?’

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‘Knowing Bros’ (Photo=provided by JTBC)

The national fencing team Sarv Team Kim Jun-ho and Oh Sang-wook’s ‘hat fencing’ is highly anticipated.

On the 21st, JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros’ will feature transfer students Kim Jung-hwan, Koo Bon-gil, Kim Jun-ho, and Oh Sang-wook from the ‘Fencing Avengers’ team, who achieved a gold medal in the men’s saber team fencing at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The four people who came to my brother’s school showed off a sense of entertainment that was as brilliant as their skills. In particular, the eldest brother, Kim Jung-hwan, released an episode like an oasis that does not dry out, showing the aspect of a new-born entertainer.

Also, at Brother’s School, there was a ‘hat fencing’ match between Oh Sang-wook, who ranked No. Oh Sang-wook was tall, over 190 cm tall, and pressed Kim Jun-ho with his long arms, giving him a suffocating tension. In response, Kim Jun-ho fought a nerve battle with his quick speed and an overwhelming battle of eyes, showing that he was never sloppy.

On this day, the players showed brilliant sportsmanship that did not treat opponents with strict fencing rules despite being an entertainment program. However, the brothers actually laughed, saying, “We don’t know the rules of fencing very well.”

The hat-fencing match between Koo Bon-gil and Oh Sang-wook continued. It is said that the match between the two players felt like overtime at the 2018 Jakarta Palembang Asian Games, which ended in a victory for Gu Bon-gil, causing more tension.

You can see the ‘Hat Fencing’ match of the Avengers team that warmed up Korea at 9 pm on JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros’.

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