Meet “Bright Win Nani Dew” 4 charming flower boys from F4 Thailand

F4 or flower 4 A young gang of 4 flowers 4 styles, handsome and charming, who are on the podium as the most influential group in the school with the status of the house known as millionaire level until everyone in the school is rich. but maybe not so high Accepting all rules and ready to follow them, all 4 young people come from the cartoon. Hana Yori Dango or I love you more than a hundred hearts Japanese anime published in 1992 before being remade as the first film in Japan. And the remake is the first series in Taiwan. Japan again, Korea, China

and the latest in Thailand in the title which F4 Thailand Heart of Love Four Stars Which in this edition still retains the charm of the 4 flower boys as before, with actors whose characters look like they came out of a cartoon and the original series as Taiwan

‘Wachirawit bright’ Half Thai, Chinese, American from strawberry cake host to artist, actor under GMM Grammy who is most informed with the role of an inspector in the series ” Because we are together, 2gether the series, performing with Win Methwin, and also attached a presenter position for many brands including the first Burberry ambassador in the South Asia Pacific region

Play as Tham, the leader of F4, a handsome young man from a rich family. and he has the special power of a pregnant mother to be perfect in order to become a leader starting from regulating within the school So, it is not surprising that this handsome man has a rather impatient personality, hot-tempered and manage. But the opposite of feeling in my heart is very sensitive.

‘Win Methwin’ He joined the industry from being a trainee under ONE31 before signing with GMM Grammy. Because we are together in 2gether the series until we become a couple, Bright Twin and also PRADA brand ambassador on F4 Thailand, playing the role of a charming, handsome, naughty, flirtatious young man. From a background in family life that led to disbelief in love.

‘Nani Hirankrit’ First joined the industry as an actor in F4 Thailand and is currently trying to find himself in other roles as singers. A handsome, fun-loving man who always connects everyone in the group.

‘Fat Jirawat’ Having entered the industry as a model And stepping into the role of the actor for the first time in the series “F4 Thailand”, playing the role of Ren, the young man who drew the character from the larger group, was cold, introspective , quietly, or on the other hand, was the most enthusiastic.

for F4 Thailand It can be considered as another version that has been mentioned. and success Until the birth of a concert of 4 young F4 in the name SHOOTING STAR CONCERT first held in Thailand on July 23, 2022 and most recently held in Taiwan on February 5, 2023 and held in Korea on April 2, 2023

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