“My Mate Nate” generous gifts of gold necklace “Tac Pranyu”

Back again with the list “IDOL FIGHT Thailand” Season 3 A boxing arena that gathers the idols of the Thai entertainment industry Let’s challenge each other in this field, and most recently, with the final challenger. “Tack Pharanyu” a “Nate my friend Nate” who competes in a worthy competition and called The most broken

Deserves this fierce battle, to be honest because of the competition in the 2nd round while “Tack Pharanyu” Falling down, “Nate’s My Mate Nate” was punched heavily in the face. Until he bled out before awarding the victory “Nate my friend Nate” After the winner has been announced, it’s time to receive the prize. The first is a gold necklace weighing 2 baht until “Tack Pharanyu” tease that “2 baht. Do you share it?” Just kidding, I don’t think it’s true. “Nate my friend Nate” He took off the gold chain, put it around his neck, and gave it to him immediately. “Brother, my heart fights a lot. Take him away.”

lately “Tack Pharanyu” have said “Wherever it is, whoever is watching the live broadcast right now, hit subscribe for me. Can I get 5-6 hundred thousand?” and as you know After finishing the competition “Tack Pharanyu” was taken to the hospital ready for surgery because “broken nose” cause many people to worry, however, recently a young woman I posted an update on my symptoms, now my condition is improving. safe

"FIGHT IDOLS Thailand" Season 3 "FIGHT IDOLS Thailand" Season 3 "FIGHT IDOLS Thailand" Season 3 "FIGHT IDOLS Thailand" Season 3

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