NASA’s OSIRIS-REX Delivers First Asteroid Samples to Earth: Unveiling the Secrets of Life’s Origins

Samples from Asteroid ‘Bennu’ Delivered to Earth by NASA Probe

On September 24, the US asteroid probe OSIRIS-REX successfully returned samples from the first asteroid, named ‘Bennu’, to Earth. These samples have now been transported to the Johnson Space Center, NASA’s hub for aeronautics and space administration, located in Houston. The Pentagon Test Site in Utah served as the landing site for the probe capsule carrying these significant samples.

After an incredible 7-year journey covering a staggering distance of 6.2 billion kilometers, the probe capsule has finally arrived back on Earth. The insights gained from studying these samples are anticipated to shed light on the enigmatic origins of life on our planet.

Photo = Provided by NASA

Samples from the first asteroid ‘Bennu’, delivered to Earth by the US asteroid probe OSIRIS-REX spacecraft on September 24, landed at the Pentagon Test Site in Utah and were then taken to the Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA National in Houston. Johnson Space Center, NASA said.

The probe capsule that collected samples from the asteroid ‘Benu’ returned to Earth after 7 years after a journey of 6.2 billion km. This is expected to reveal the secret behind the appearance of life on Earth.

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