Philippines approves use of 4 more US military bases… US embassy in Solomon Islands reopens after 30 years

The Philippine government has approved the additional US military use of four military bases in the country.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Philippine Defense Secretary Carlito Galvez held a joint press conference after meeting in Manila today (2nd) Based on the 2014 Expanded Defense Cooperation Agreement, the US has access to four an additional base in the Philippines. he would be able to do it.

As a result, the number of military bases in the Philippines accessible to US forces has increased to nine.

Under the Agreement on Expanded Defense Cooperation between the United States and the Philippines, US forces have access to military bases in the Philippines for purposes other than permanent presence, such as joint training, prescribing equipment, and building runways and military housing .

Secretary Austin said the United States and the Philippines “remain committed to strengthening each other’s capabilities against armed aggression,” adding, “This effort is especially important as China continues to strengthen its claims illegal to the West Philippine Sea.”

Meanwhile, the United States reopened its embassy in the Solomon Islands, an island nation in the western Pacific yesterday (1st).

US Secretary of State Tony Blincoln said in a statement that day, “Opening the embassy will not only deploy more diplomats in the region, but also increase exchanges with Pacific neighbors and link programs and resources.” the US in line with local needs.”

The US embassy in the Solomon Islands was reopened 30 years after being closed in 1993 during post-Cold War budget cuts.

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* This article was sourced from Reuters.

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