President Moon “The 3rd dose is the most urgent for those aged 60 and over…This is the last turning point”

Photo courtesy of Yonhap News

President Moon Jae-in said, “In order to stabilize the quarantine situation, it is most urgent to speed up the third dose of vaccination for seniors aged 60 and over.

President Moon received a telephone report on the response to COVID-19 from Prime Minister Kim Bu-gyeom today, and asked, “As the vaccination rate of the elderly in nursing homes and other facilities has increased, from now on, please take extra care so that the elderly in the local community can get vaccinated quickly.” told

Regarding youth vaccination, he ordered, “I ask that you do your best to explain with accurate information such as scientific data so that the public can sympathize with the need.”

At the same time, he emphasized, “Please inspect the site carefully so that the securing of beds through administrative orders can be made quickly, and especially if the condition of the patients improves, take action quickly to increase the turnover of beds.”

Prime Minister Kim reported the results of the government’s discussions, such as shortening the vaccination interval and revitalizing measures, and reviewing the reduction of meetings and restrictions on movement, and said, “I will closely analyze the clinical data of the confirmed patient to find out the reality.”

He also explained that an administrative order was issued for general hospitals in non-metropolitan areas to secure an additional 5,40 beds, and that they are reviewing support for quarantine products to ease the burden of small businesses and the self-employed in applying the quarantine pass.


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