Remember, 80 year old grandmother cut her finger off for losing a deck of cards? He recently committed a new heroic act Gwdff son was seriously stabbed

An 80-year-old grandmother fatally stabbed her son in the neck. at the beginning of the month MSD just helped clear up about her running away from her daughter to sleep on the side of the road

At 2:00 am (December 17, 2022), a police officer at Ban Khai Rayong Police Station received a report of a mother assaulting her son. until he was injured The incident took place in a house in Moo 4 area, Chak Kok Sub-District, Bankai District, Rayong Province, which was therefore coordinated with the doctor on duty at Ban Khai Hospital, Rayong Rescue Unit. along with officers traveling to inspect when arriving at the scene which is a one story cement house He went in to check and found Mr. Laemthong, aged 52, injured in the back of his neck. blood flowing all the time Until the white robe used to cover the wound soaked with blood Found a wound similar to being stabbed by a sharp object. On the nape of the back, the size of the wound is about 4 cm wide and 2 cm deep, helping first aid. Before taking him to get treatment at Ban Khai Hospital until the last time he was out of danger

As for the criminal, it is nothing else. is the mother of the injured person, name Khai, aged 80 years who is in a state of drunkenness screaming inside the house where the girl had locked the door Because he is afraid to come out and hurt other people again. About Mr Laemthong After the symptoms were out of danger, he confirmed that he was not asking for his own mother. Because the mother is unconscious and likes to have constant stress and chronic alcoholism acting out of lack of awareness As a child, he did not want to mess with his mother and was willing to forgive. I want my mother to be treated get better and get back together like before

Nun, 27, a neighbor reveals that During the incident, a knock was heard on the door. It was opened and Mr Laem Yuen was found bloody, so he hurried to inform the rescue team to help and Mrs Khai’s daughter immediately followed. Mrs Khai was still in a troubled state. so he did not dare to approach

Ms. Bua Loy, the sister of the injured person It was revealed before the incident, that Mrs Khai, her mother, lived in the house after the incident with Mr Laemthong, her older brother, whom Mrs Khai had drunk until he was drunk. who drank every day because he was addicted to alcohol and was often angry and used a knife to stab his brother’s neck Fortunately, he did not manage to reach the important point so he survived. He knew about it, so he hurried over. and taking the sharp knife that the mother used to cause the crime before holding her mother in the house for fear of causing it again and immediately informed the officer to help his youngest brother

Ms revealed Bua Loi that further Your mother is stressed When you drink alcohol, you will feel hot. Insults people in the house and neighbours. Create a heroic event for many events. Cut off his finger, cut off his head, walk in the middle of the road, go to sleep on the side of the road, the staff take him to treat him when he comes out. He came to cause another incident So, the relevant agencies take mother to recover from alcohol addiction again she will be back together again

Later, Mr. Achitphon Inchai, a social worker of the Homeless Protection Center, Rayong Province, said that on December 2, 2022, he was taken to check for 5 diseases and psychiatry, and the doctor’s results came out. He did not come out Mrs Khai found 5 serious diseases and no psychiatry symptoms. So find a preliminary answer. Let the daughter try to live apart from her mother for 2 months because Mrs Camp has a problem with her daughter. By letting the girl go out to rent a room and let the host stay with her sons. According to the cost of renting a room from the MSDHS to help each other, 3,000 per person, each of the 3 people until the incident happened again last night latest on Monday preparing meetings with multidisciplinary and relevant agencies with community leaders to find answers and prepare to take the grandmother to the shelter immediately

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