Samsung Electronics adds ‘DropShip’, a file sharing app to Good Lock… One UI 4.1 or later can be installed

A new file sharing app ‘DropShip’ has been added to ‘GoodLock’, a system UI customization app provided by Samsung Electronics.

‘Dropship’ is characterized by the ability to transfer files between all types of devices regardless of the platform such as Android, iOS, or web. Upload a file to the host device, and other users can share files up to 5GB per day by generating a QR code to receive the file.

The ‘Dropship’ app is currently made available to domestic users via the Galaxy Store. It can be installed on devices running OneUI 5.0 (currently, the only Galaxy S22 series), and the file uploader requires a Samsung account, but the recipient can receive the file without a Samsung account. (Note: There is also a report that can be installed on some devices with OneUI 4.1 or higher installed.)


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