Seibu Announces Spring Camp Grouping Dora 1 Sumita is Group A, Corona Infected Tonosaki et al. Group B | Full-Count

Seibu’s draft 1st place, Chiichiro Sumita[Photo: Azusa Uesugi]

Utsumi pitcher and coach with corona infection is also group B, new foreigners are undecided to visit Japan

On the 24th, Seibu announced the participating players of Spring Camp Group A and Group B. Three new players, including pitcher Chiichiro Sumita (Nishi-Nippon Institute of Technology), who ranked first in the draft, started in Group A.

Among the new players, the top three college graduates, pitcher Junsuke Sato (University of Tsukuba), who is second in the draft, and catcher Yuto Koga (University of Tsukuba), who is third in the draft, are all in Group A. Kaima Taira, who had an operation on his right ankle last October, has decided to start Team B.

Tetsuya Utsumi, a pitcher and coach who was infected with the new coronavirus, Shuta Tonosaki, an infielder, and Daisuke Togawa, an outfielder, started in Group B. Haruka Yamada Infielder joined Group A.

In addition, five new foreign players, including former Rays pitcher Dietrich Enns, were not included in the camp participants announced this time. “Foreign players have not decided when to come to Japan due to the procedure, so we will inform you about the team joining as soon as it is decided.”

[Table]Dora 1 Sumita announced to Group A, Corona-infected Tonosaki and others to Group B at 13:00 on the 24th, Seibu’s spring camp member list



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