State welfare card in April 2023, how many baht do you receive in total transfer?

Check the balance of the state welfare card, the poor people’s card in April 2023. Those who have successfully verified their identity will receive a credit limit of 1,565 baht per person to be transferred to their smart card in each wallet.

State Welfare Card April 2023 the Ministry of Finance will transfer funds to a smart card for people who register for state welfare cards. And have successfully verified their identity with a total of 12,270,571 people who will start transferring money on April 1, 2023 onwards, with a total amount of money received every month at 1,565 baht per person, details of the limit for each wallet and defined as follows

April 1, 2023

  • The purchase limit for consumer goods is 300 baht per person per month.
  • The credit limit for public transport is 500 baht per person per month, all state welfare card holders.
  • Discounts limit for the purchase of cooking gas from shops as specified by the Ministry of Energy in the amount of 100 baht per person every 3 months (April-June), spending between 5:00 am and 11:00 pm every day.

April 18, 2023

  • Electricity bill discount of 315 baht per household per month
  • 100 baht discount on water bills per household per month

In this regard, those who have passed the criteria for considering state welfare card qualifications If you verify your identity late, you will not receive the previous spending limit for each wallet as well.

Validate start exercising Composite Rights (Only for the amount paid for the purchase of goods)
1-26 Mar.’ 23 April 1, 2023
27 Mar. – 26 Apr.’ 23 May 1, 2023 1 month amount (Apr. ’23)
27 April – 26 May 2023 1 June 2023 2 months (April-May 2023)
27 May – 26 June 2023 July 1, 2023 3 months (Apr.-Jun. 23)