Russia to punish Wikipedia operator Ukrainian conflict tour | Reuters

On July 20, the Russian Federation Communications, Information Technology and Media Supervisory Authority announced that it would punish the Wikimedia Foundation, which operates the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, for violating the law over the Ukrainian conflict. Logo of the Russian Federation Communications, Information Technology and Media Supervisory Agency (2022 Reuters / Maxim Shemetov) [ロンドン 20日 ロイター] […]

Hacked on Russian satellite TV, “bloody hands” and anti-war message | Reuters

On May 10th, it was discovered that Russian satellite television had changed the menu that Moscow viewers could see, displaying a message about the Ukrainian war. The picture is a screen with a message such as “Your hands are bloody”. From images obtained by Reuters (2022 Reuters / China Daily) [London 9th Reuters]–On the 9th, […]

Ukrainian troops recapture some areas in the north = British intelligence | Reuters

On April 5, Ukrainian troops regained some areas of the north from Russian troops, forcing Russian troops to withdraw from the suburbs of Chernihiv and the northern capital of Kyiv, according to British intelligence. The photo was taken on April 2nd in Chernihiv (2022 Reuters / Serhii Nuzhnenko) [Reuters]— According to British intelligence, Ukrainian troops […]

“Die Hard” Bruce Willis Retires as Actor, Announces Aphasia | Reuters

Bruce Willis, a 67-year-old American actor known for action movies such as the “Die Hard” series, was diagnosed with aphasia and retired from acting, the family said on the 30th. Taken in London, January 2019 (2022 Reuters / HENRY NICHOLLS) [Los Angeles 30th Reuters]–The family revealed on the 30th that American actor Bruce Willis (67), […]