The world market is turbulent! “Mutant Covid” smashed stocks, oil and crypto

“Covid mutant” species B.1.1.529 hit the global market including stock indices, oil prices, cryptocurrencies Falling heavily, except for gold, which is the only asset that hit the market. because it drew the confidence of investors Until having to turn to investment in safe assets instead.

conditioncapital marketToday (26 Nov) turbulence around the world. after scientists foundcovid mutantthat tends to evade immunity and the name of the species B.1.1.529 which was first found inSouth Africa

Such a situation makesinvestorIn many countries, panic and as a result, the British government announcedsuspend flightfrom 6 countries of the continentAfricatemporarily, including Namibia, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Eswatini and South Africa.

At the same time, many countries began to fear that covid mutantThis may be the root causenew surgeIn many countries, resultingpublic health systemtense as many people avoidvaccinate It could add complexity to opening up the economy. and borders again

  • smash the world stock market

At 6:02 p.m. Thai time today IndexDow futuresfall 846 points or -2.37% hit 34,903 points Dropped out of 35,000 points

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whileeuropean stock marketOpen trading fell heavily today. Because investors are worried about the virus detection report.Covid-19 new species inSouth Africathat experts say mayresistant to vaccinesat present

major indexes such as STOXX600 Open the market today at the level 473.99 points, down 7.73 points, or -1.60%, and down to -2.4%. during today’s morning trading session

while the index DAX stock marketGermanyOpen the market today at 15,383.90 points, down 534.08 points or -3.36% and index CAC-40 stock marketFranceOpen the market today at 6,814.90 points, down 260.97 points or -3.69%

The world market is turbulent! (image file)

the inner partAsia index NIKKEI 225 stock marketJapanThe market closed today at 28,751.62 points, down 747.66 points or -2.53% which is the closing levelThe lowest in 1 month or since the 25th of Oct.

index Hang Seng stock marketHong KongThe market closed today at 24,080.52 points, down 659.64 points or -2.67%

Index side SET stock marketThaiclose the market today at 1,610.61 points, down 37.85 points or -2.30% downThe lowest in 3 months From August 26, which closed at 1,601.91 points

  • Crypto didn’t survive.

while the marketCryptocurrencywas affected as well.”bitcoin” The world’s number 1 most popular cryptocurrency It plummeted 7.8% today to $54,377. which is the levellowest since October 12 in the past, the pricebitcoin fallIt’s down 20 percent from a record New High of nearly $69,000 earlier this month.

Previously, pro-bitcoin groups stated that Crypto This surname is like “digital gold” or secured assets in digital form, similar togold bar

whileCrypto Other currencies also fell in the direction ofbitcoinToday as well, such asAtherium” 2nd most popular crypto fell more than 11% to $4,007. regarded as a levellowest in a week part “XRP” (XRP) fell 10% to about 95 cents.

analyst from Bitbank indicate that bitcoinIt may only rise in a narrow range and the market should be prepared for the opportunityBitcoin may fall even more heavily.

  • Oil futures prices surge

whileoil priceThe world has declined sharply as well.West Texas Crude Oil Contract Delivered in Jan. 65 andBrent crude oil contract Delivered in Jan. 65

Mainly because investors are worried thatmutant virusNew ones may affect demand.oil If many countries take measuresnew round of intense controlagain

crude oil pricebrent advance fell 5.3 percent to $77.89 a barrel. During Friday morning trading in Europe while West Texas crude oil futures fell more than 6.2 percent at $73.58 a barrel.

However assetThe only type of price increase today is “gold” As more and more investors turn to invest insafe assetsthan during this period

at 5:00 p.m. Thai time, pricegold futures orComex gold contract Delivered in Dec. It was up 1.2% at $1,805.20 an ounce.

“Markets fear this mutant coronavirus found in South Africa It will affect the economy harder than the delta virus found last year. And this factor drives up the demand for gold.” said Peter Fertig, analyst at Quantitative Commodity Research (QCR).



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