“ToMoRrow Gallery Takada Baba” will start exhibiting works that vividly color everyday moments | Press release of East Japan Railway Company

● At JR East, starting from the Yamanote Line, we are promoting efforts to bring out the individuality of the city and create a rich urban living space “Tokyo Impressive Line” that organically connects the city and people.
● Graphic designer Yutaka Sato’s work exhibition “Mamayo whatever” will start at the art gallery “ToMoRrow Gallery” located inside the “BECK’S COFFEE SHOP Takadanobaba store” at Takadanobaba station. ..
● Most of the motifs in the work are born from the moments of everyday life. When I feel something, the feeling that I try not to miss it as much as possible is the “seed” of the work. Please enjoy the many works that were born in the same way as living, as naturally and comfortably as possible, as Mr. Sato thought.
● By reading the 2D code posted on the work, you can see information about the artist and the work, and you can purchase your favorite work at the “Tokyo Impression Line Shop” in JREMALL.

■ Base / Overview

(1) Place: Outside the Waseda exit ticket gate at Takadanobaba Station BECK’S COFFEE SHOP Inside the Takadanobaba store
(2) Exhibition: “Vol.4 I’m going to do whatever by Yutaka Sato (graphic designer)”
(3) Period: July 16th (Sat) -October 17th (Mon), 2022 (planned)
(4) Business hours: 6:30 to 21:00
* Business hours are subject to change due to the effects of the new coronavirus.
Please check from the website of JR East Cross Station Co., Ltd.


Yutaka Sato http://yutesato.com

● Graphic designer. Born in Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture in 1990. After studying under art director Kazunari Hattori, he has been freelance since 2020. Since 2021, he has produced the “View from” series, which graphically interprets and constructs the landscapes and things that he sees in everyday life.

■ ToMoRrow Gallery Art Direction

MELTedMEADOW https://meltedmeadow.com

● MEL Dead MEADOW (commonly known as Melme) is an art direction unit consisting of two directors, Masayoshi Yanase and Mao Yoshino, who are based in Tokyo.
● The main project is to discover new possibilities for places and cities by making art spaces appear in everyday places.
● In addition, we plan and produce commercial facilities and perform branding.

■ About “Tokyo Impressive Line / TOKTO MOVING ROUND”

● The Yamanote Line is a ring road in the center of the city that runs on the ground, which is unique in the world, and connects people with historically and culturally diverse towns and towns.
● At our company, in addition to services that enhance the convenience of daily life including transportation, we draw out the individuality of various towns and people, and create connections between stations, stations and towns, people and towns, and people and people. We will create a rich urban living space.

“Tokyo Impression Line” Official Website / SNS Account



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