Unniraj, the actor who bought the same field where his mother worked; Interview

This time ‘Akhileshetta’ has to tell the story of a miraculous return to life from the accident of facing death. The audience will never forget Unniraj, Akhileshettan from Operation Java, who gifted a censored copy of love to his girlfriend. Unniraj, who returned from a hospital stay in the fall with bruises on his hands, says he was able to forget all the pain when the wind blew the field he had given to his mother. This innocent countryman is happy that his mother bought the field he worked for to raise them in small roles with the money he had saved.

In Unniraj’s words:

I came back from Tamil Nadu after playing a major role in ‘Jailer’ directed by Shakeer Math. I had to do an episode of Maryam. The location is at Nettoor in Kochi. Very happy to have arrived at Maryam’s set. I was coming to the room at night after the shooting. The children bought toys and some accessories and kept them in the room. After a long day. On the way to the room, I slipped and fell near the gate.


When I fell, I wrapped my arms around my face to prevent injuries to my face. I convinced myself that the fall was serious. I was in good spirits. Darkness sees no one anywhere. I could not get up by myself and both hands were not moving. He saw someone walking by and shouted, “Save me!” When he ran and heard me talking I realized it was a Bengali but I said no ‘help me something’. He went and called some people. Those who saw my face said, “This is not Unni in Maryam.” When they called the car, the bell ringer at Maryam called me. They took me to a hospital in Kochi. The entire ‘Marimayam’ family was rushed to hospital. Advocate Pradeep of Manorama called in the rain and was investigating.

Both my hands were frozen. No matter how hard you try, your hands do not look the same. The hands were weak. The doctor said he needed an operation on the back of the neck. The hands were straightened after the operation. He was hospitalized for fifteen days, of which he was in the ICU for five days. I’m awake now. Thus it was as if he had passed between death and life.

I had some losses due to the accident. Senna Sir, who directed ‘Monday Nishchayam’, was called upon to do a good role in a film. But it could not be done. Some other films came in between. But I think everything is for the better. With the money I earned, I bought three cans for my mother. My mother Omanayamma raised us by working in the fields of others. It has been three years since the death of my father Choorikkadan Kannan Nair. I had decided not to let my mother work in other people’s fields anymore.

After buying it, my mother says that she has worked in these fields. So my mother was satisfied that she was able to buy the land where she worked. My happiness is the joy of my mother. Now my mother is in that scene all the time. I would have gone to my sight when I was not feeling well. When the wind blows, half the sick will cross the Pampa. I love farming. The mind will be awakened as soon as the rice husk starts sprouting in the field.

He is currently undergoing physiotherapy for his hands. Hands are aching. Slowly return to work. Will be back on the 20th of this month to do the marijuana. Another piece of good news came to me while I was lying ill. When the All India Malayalee Association’s Visual Media Award was announced, I received the award for Best Comedian. So the first award in my acting career came to me when I was not feeling well. I was very happy when I got the award. The award was an inspiration to return to work with greater vigor. ‘




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