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[Adroddiad Rhwydwaith Meddygol Iechyd / Gohebydd Zhang Ci’en]During the epidemic, many people will choose to take vitamin C to improve their own defense. Kidney stones, people who supplement with vitamin C health food to increase protection, or consumers who like to supplement food. vitamin C with foam tablets, can not help to worry.

Whether vitamin C supplementation will cause kidney stones, Dr Lai Yuwei, director of Ren’ai District Urology Department, Taipei United Hospital, said: “So far, there is no real research to prove that vitamin C intake will lead to an increase in kidney stones.

Stone occurrence has a lot to do with physical fitness and eating habits

Dr. Lai Yuwei noted: “Vitamin C supplementation is safe for adults to take less than 2,000 mg per day, which is in line with the recommended intake dose of Taiwan and FDA. But the most important thing for us is safety, so what If we say If this person has metabolic problems, such as liver or kidney problems, or has stones themselves, it is recommended to consult a doctor before using it regardless of vitamin C, calcium, or vitamin D3 supplement. is a normal person, it should be in accordance with normal norms.”

In addition to physical fitness, Dr Lai Yuwei believes that people’s diet and living habits have a big impact on stones. “Most stone causes are calcium oxalate stones. For calcium oxalate stones, it is mainly oxalate and calcium in the blood in the body. Some foods can stimulate the liver’s metabolism to produce more oxalic acid: such as: tea, coffee , cocoa, beer, sugar beets, these will stimulate our liver’s metabolism to produce excess oxalic acid.” In addition, “not taking enough moisture will also increase stone formation.”

Foam tablets contain “citric acid” to help reduce stone formation

Regarding the statement that vitamin C foam tablets produce stones, Dr. Lai Yuwei has a different opinion, “Instead, the “citric acid” element in the foam tablets can prevent the formation of uric acid stones. Patients with high blood pressure will take “potassium citrate” The advantage is that it can alkalinize the urine and reduce the formation of uric acid stones. Some papers mentioned that for some calcium oxalate stones, citric acid can reduce the formation of calcium oxalate. Therefore, the foam tablet contains citric acid, which is theoretically useful for reducing stones.”

▲ Dr. Lai Yuwei, Director of the Department of Urology, Ren’ai District, Taipei United Hospital

Vitamin C supplementation is concerned about stones, foam tablets are a better choice

The popular effervescent tablet contains carbonates and citric acid, when it is thrown into water, carbon dioxide bubbles will be produced, resulting in a soda-like taste. There are currently some medical research reports1~6citric acid reduces kidney stones by making the urine less conducive to stone formation. Citric acid is directly combined with calcium in urine, so that urinary calcium is not easy to form calcium oxalate crystals with oxalic acid in urine, thereby preventing the formation and growth of stones. For people who want to supplement with vitamin C but are concerned about stones, vitamin C effervescent tablets containing “citric acid” may be a better choice.

Prevent stones by eating this way

If people still have doubts about stones, they can reduce the incidence of stones through the following dietary habits4:
1. Drink more water: Most urinary tract stones can be prevented and slowed down by drinking enough water
2. Supplemental citric acid: Moderate intake of drinks containing citric acid or eating fruit, citric acid will also combine with calcium oxalate crystals to prevent calcium oxalate crystals from forming stones in the body.
3. Cut down on oxalate-rich foods: Such as celery, eggplant, leeks, mustard greens, green peppers, sweet potatoes, spinach, okra, red beets, draft beer, tea, cocoa, tofu, etc.
The presence of stones is closely linked to physical fitness or eating habits. Although so far, there is no definitive evidence that vitamin C supplementation can cause stones, but for people who want to supplement with vitamin C but are concerned about stone formation, effervescent tablets may be a good choice.

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