“Yes????” Tottenham winger Brian Hill’s reaction to La Liga comeback rumors

[골닷컴] Reporter Park Moon-soo = Tottenham Hotspur winger Brian Hill is a hot topic after expressing an absurd reaction to his transfer rumor.

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The background is as follows. On the 26th (Korean time), Spain’s ‘Mundo Deportivo’ reported that ‘Hill, who has not adapted to Tottenham’s life, is pursuing a transfer’. In the process, the media emphasized that ‘Hill is not feeling satisfied with his Tottenham life’.

As he was not satisfied with his club life, he added that he was looking for a new destination. It was interesting as rumors of Hill’s return to La Liga were spread along with the opening of the winter transfer window.

According to local media reports, Valencia and Real Sociedad were mentioned as Hill’s next destination. There were more loan transfers than full transfers.

In fact, the reaction of the parties was different. short and thick Hill posted a question mark on the official SNS of ‘Mundo Deportivo’ through his official SNS account. He publicly questioned the media that dealt with his transfer rumors.

Born in 2001, Hill is still 20 years old. There is more to show than what has been shown. The reason Tottenham gave up Lamela to bring Hill can also be seen as an investment that looks into the future rather than the immediate.

After moving to Tottenham, his record of appearances is a total of 20 matches, including cup competitions. The debut goal has not been reported yet. He played mainly as a substitute rather than a starter. In the UEFA Conference League, he started all the remaining matches due to injury, but the team was eliminated.

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It is also true that playing time is required as it is the team’s backup resource. Although the transfer rumors have been constantly raised, Hill himself has stepped forward to refute reports that he is not satisfied with his life at Tottenham. There is a possibility of a loan, but the reality is that there are less than 5 days left until the winter transfer window closes.

Photo = Getty Images / Brian Hill official SNS capture



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