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New Delhi: Former cricketer Harbhajan Singh has said that no one has told him the reason for his dismissal from the Indian cricket team. Harbhajan’s latest revelation comes at the age of 41, after retiring from all forms of cricket.

Harbhajan told the national media that he could have taken at least 500-550 Test wickets with the support of the team management.

‘If a man who has taken more than 400 wickets is dropped from the Test team and the reason for his omission from the team is not told to him, naturally many questions will arise. Many people were asked about this but did not get a satisfactory answer.

We need the support of someone at the most urgent time. If anyone had supported me then, I would have retired long ago after taking 500–550 Test wickets. Because at the age of 31, I took more than 400 wickets.

Had he played for another three or four years, he could have taken 500 wickets. What can be done, it did not happen. If this happens to someone who has taken 400 wickets, no one will ask anyone else who has taken 40 wickets. Even those who have achieved many things are turned away when the need arises. This is the sad story of Indian cricket ‘- Harbhajan

Harbhajan took 417 wickets in 103 Tests, 269 wickets in 239 ODIs and 25 wickets in 28 Twenty20 Internationals. Despite playing his last match for India in 2016, Harbhajan was part of the IPL until last season.

In Test cricket, Harbhajan is the fourth highest wicket-taker in India after Anil Kumble, Kapil Dev and Ravichandran Ashwin.

English Summary: ‘Had many big questions, no one told me why I was dropped’: Harbhajan opens up on ‘sad story of Indian cricket’



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