A householder died in a car-scooter collision

Ramapuram ∙ A householder died in a collision between a car and a scooter. Panangkat Saju’s wife Smita (45) died in a Ramapuram accident. Yesterday at 6.30 pm, the accident happened at the junction of Pala-Thodupuzha highway from Manathur to Cherukurinji road. The scooter coming from the Cherukurinji side overtook the tipper truck and entered the road and collided with the car. Saju (48), who was driving the scooter, was admitted to hospital with injuries.

His son Ivan (10), who was with him, slipped and fell on the road and was hit by another vehicle but escaped unhurt. Saju and Smitha, who were working in Bahrain, came back a few months ago. Smita is a member of the Pulikakunnel family of Eratupetta. Culture later. Another son: Milan.

English Summary: The Lady dies in an accident


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