“BAFS” joins APEC to support jet fuel

The 29th APEC Economic Leaders Meeting (APEC 2022) has come to an end over the past week. Thailand as a host has been admired around the world. both in organizing facilitation and being a good host to welcome important guests from around the world

Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services Public Company Limited or BAFS (BAFS) has participated in facilitating facilitation. In-flight refueling service for the special host of leaders, special guests and international media. who attended this meeting with more than 5,000 people

by mLt. Natthasit Disgul President Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services Public Company Limited or BAFS Having said that we, the BAFS, are proud to fulfill our duties fully in our role as the person who closes the gold behind the image of the Buddha Throughout APEC week 2022, BAFS has provided quality standards and international safety for jet fuel. to the special trip of the Leaders, special guests from many countries Participating in the APEC meeting, at Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang airports, a total of 68 flights, representing a total volume of 1,611,118 liters of fuel.

ML Natthasit He continued that for APEC this time Completed Thailand’s goal. Along with being part of BAFS as our gilded monks, who are not only this time. But throughout almost 40 years of BAFS, we have played a key role in safety missions. Promote the country’s main economic industry, such as tourism. And stay on top of the aviation industry by working with a focus on safety. Including management with international standards

for Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services Public Company Limited or BAFS (BAFS)
is the largest aircraft refueling service provider in Thailand operating to manage, receive and store aviation fuel and provides aircraft refueling services with international standards in conjunction with other business operations with a sustainability policy considering the environment Be socially responsible and it is managed in accordance with corporate governance principles (Environmental, Social, Governance: ESG) including reducing greenhouse gas emissions For almost 40 years

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