North Korea fires missile Welcoming major US-South Korea military exercises: PPTVHD36

North Korea tests missiles hours before joint military exercises in the United States and South Korea will begin

joint military exercises between the United States and South Korea have opened It is said to counterbalance pressure from North Korea which continues to test missiles. North Korea has condemned this as an attempt to provoke and prepare to invade North Korea.

Recently, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), North Korea’s official media said On Sunday (March 12) in the morning at local time North Korea has fired two cruise missiles from a submarine to show military strength. A few hours before the US-South Korean joint exercise port began.

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KCNA said the launch showed North Korea’s willingness to retaliate. “Powerful forces” against so-called military maneuvers by “US Imperialism and South Korean Puppet Forces”

KCNA also suggests that North Korea aims to use cruise missiles with nuclear warheads. and said that nuclear weapons and missile programs are essential for self-defense.

The two cruise missiles were launched from the submarine 8.24 Yongung, the same vessel used to test North Korea’s first submarine-launched missile in 2016.

KCNA said the missile flew for more than an hour, traveling at about 1,500 km per hour and circling in a figure eight before accurately reaching its target.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) confirmed that North Korea fired at least one unidentified missile from a submarine near a port city in South Hamgyong Province. US and South Korean intelligence officials are now analyzing the incident.

As for today (March 13), the US military and South Korea will begin “Freedom Shield” exercises early in the morning. This is the first large-scale training since 2018, which lasted 11 days.

Compiled from CNN

Image from AFP


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