Home Business “OfficeMate” adjusts its brand position to be “Quikwin Partner” to build a business quickly. Let every business win

“OfficeMate” adjusts its brand position to be “Quikwin Partner” to build a business quickly. Let every business win

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Ms. Chitralada Hanworawongchai President of OfficeMate, Central Retail Group, said, “The Covid situationWith the challenges of business operations, “sensitivity” has become a measure of survival and growth opportunities in the business era. Next Normal soOfficeMate therefore adjusts its business approach to be ready to be a shortcut for business people to move faster than before with a new position as “Quickwin Partner (Quick Win Partner)” that will be a partner to accelerate entrepreneurs to adapt quickly Generate income quickly, helping to “save time” and “save costs” OfficeMate develops a One Stop Service solution that responds to the full range of products with more than 100,000 items at a reasonable price. ready to connect the experience of choosing, ordering andPerfect delivery both online channels and storefronts Omnichannel with the concept of “easy to order, fast”

OfficeMate is committed to meeting business needs beyond just office officeReady to continue serving the full range of factory, industrial and warehouse segments. by adding a list of factory products including more than 30,000 Items from leading international standard brand manufacturers and major distributors such as Thai Watsadu and Janebunjerd are available for distribution in one place. “One Stop Factory Solution”

  • personal protective equipment (Safety & PPE) complete from head to toe brands 3M, Microtex, Pangolin, Yamada, Safety Jogger, Giant Kingkong etc.
  • Warehouse equipment (Warehouse Supplies) for pack-storage-moves brands Jumbo, Happy Move, Sanki, Kassa, Apex, Nuvo, Barco, etc.
  • Industrial equipment and tools (Manufacturing Supplies) brands Misumi, Bosch, Stanley, Tajima, Hachi, Pumpkin, Makita, Toolmax, Kendo, Truper, etc.
  • Miscellaneous factory equipment (Factory Miscellaneous) brands Masterkool, Hitachi, Hatari, Mitsuta, Fire Winner, Combi Ware, etc.

Customers can receive special offers at OfficeMate Contact Center 1281 or add Line: @OfficeMate by clicking http://bit.ly/LineOfficeMate Or view products and shop immediately at the OfficeMate website. https://bit.ly/3CzofvQ special! The first 100 registered factory and industrial juristic customersin the year By 2021, OfficeMate has a customer base of more than 80,000 factories, warehouses, logistics and construction. Compared to the year 2563 It was found that since.NS. – NS.NS. 2564 The number of customers purchasing OfficeMate’s factory products has grown more than 21% which is partly a result ofThe growth in manufacturing, exporting and warehousing and factory rental businesses drive sales in the factory product group to increase more 43% and growing well in all sales channels, both offline and online consistent with the report of the Office of Industrial Economics (OIE.) that revealed that the annual industry index 2564 at the level 100.72 increase year on year 2563 which is at 92.57* grow 8.8%

OfficeMate is ready to stand by the operators of factories, industries, and manufacturing sectors./Export and warehouse by providing superior benefits to business customers To increase financial flexibility and provide convenience in purchasing products used in business as follows:

  1. Willing to give discounts on the price of the amount according to the purchase contract period to corporate customers and give a discount 3-5%** to more than 12,000 members of the Federation of Thai Industries via Fti E-Member Card to use for shopping at regular price items that are participating in every OfficeMate ordering channel. From 20 Sep. ’64 – 31 Mar. ’16
  2. Service beside your business by a sales team specializing in factory products. (Professional Client Service) with product & material sourcing service and credit term for 30 days***
  3. Fast and free delivery service! When spending 499.- (as scheduled) helps increase the liquidity of daily cash flow without the need to stock products for a long time.
    • Bangkok customers.and perimeter order Mon-Fri before 18:00 99% receive the product on the next business day.
    • Overseas customers receive products in 3 working days

With OfficeMate, get sample products for your factory with more value. 500 baht free**! at Https://Forms.Gle/33w7kfaxp3murn4y6


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