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Thai stocks fall -3.12 points amid fears of recurrence of COVID-19 drive economic recovery

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Thai stocks closed down -3.12 points, or -0.19%. Analysts pointed out that the delta strain of covids returned to the epidemic again and severely, with more cases in Europe. This may affect investment confidence and the Thai economy that has begun to recover. Assessing the investment framework tomorrow at support 1630-1,635 points and resistance at 1655-1660 points

The Thai stock market closed for trading on November 23, 2021, down -3.12 points or -0.19%, dropping to 1,646.42 points, trading value 90,227.64 million baht.

While today’s trading overview In the morning, the index swings in positive territory. Before the opening of the afternoon market began to gradually decrease and the market closed in the negative territory. Intraday, it rose to the highest at 1654.49 points and dropped to the lowest at 1644.02 points.

Today’s changes were made to 585 securities, 500 were unchanged, and 1,138 were down.

while trading volume classified by investor group found that Institutional investors net sales of -1,556.18 million baht and foreign investors net sales of -1,338.26 million baht. Domestic investors bought a net of more than 2,451.19 million baht, a securities account with a net purchase of more than 443.25 million baht.

As for the securities with the highest trading value, the 5 securities
1.KBANK trading value 3,661.95 million baht, closing at 143.50 baht, a decrease of 3.50 baht.
2.TRUE, trading value 3,595.78 million baht, closed at 4.76 baht, price unchanged.
3.ADVANC trading value 3,520.37 million baht, closed at 215.00 baht, increased by 6.00 baht.
4.CPALL, trading value 2,712.81 million baht, closed at 63.00 baht, decreased by 1.25 baht.
5.BANPU, trading value 2,261.03 million baht, closed at 11.10 baht, increased by 0.30 baht.

The top 5 SET100 indexes with the highest gains are:
1.RS 20.50 baht +1.10 baht or +5.67%
2.STGT 28.00 baht +1.00 baht or +3.70%
3.TKN 7.60 baht +0.25 baht or +3.40%
4.SUPER 0.98 baht +0.03 baht or +3.16%
5.ADVANC 215.00 baht +6.00 baht or +2.87%

The five SET100 indices with the biggest price drop are:
1.MEGA 52.50 baht -3.00 baht or -5.41%
2.TU 19.40 baht -0.70 baht or -3.48%
3.KBANK 143.50 baht -3.50 baht or -2.38%
4.KKP 60.25 baht -1.50 baht or -2.43%
5.AP 9.15 baht -0.20 baht or -2.14%

The SET100 index closed at 2,254.68 points, a decrease of -4.31 points or -0.19%, the SET50 index closed at 987.26 points, a decrease of -1.92 points or -0.19%, and the mai market index closed at 561.94 points, a decrease of -1.26 points or -0.22%.

Mr. Chaiyot Jiwangkun, Assistant Director of Securities Analysis at Krungsri Securities, said that the Thai stock market has declined this afternoon. because of concerns about the lockdown in Europe After the number of people infected with COVID-19 accelerate again As a result, European stock markets traded about 1% this afternoon in almost all markets. Whether it is Austria, the Netherlands, which has already announced lockdown. As a result, it may affect the economic recovery.

At the same time in the afternoon, the price of oil fell 1 USD/barrel. After news that the United States will drain its strategic stockpile. This is another factor that pressures the market. While in the Asian stock market today Still moving in the positive-negative territory We still have to follow up on the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic in Europe, even if our home situation is still in good condition, it can’t be underestimated.

As for the investment outlook tomorrow (Nov. 24), the capital market still has a chance to weaken from the European lockdown pressure. that may cause Fund Flow to be volatile by assessing the support at 1630-1635 points, while the resistance at 1655-1660 points


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