The young doctor shared the story of late stage “lung cancer”, not smoking.

social world overwhelmed with encouragement when a young doctor 28 years old, owner of the page fight opened a page to tell a story I never thought I would ever expect to meet, that is a doctor sick “lung cancer” The last stage, the spreading phase which cancer ate up space lungs half to the right that he almost didn’t know he hadhealthy Exercise regularly, eat clean food, don’t smoke. so he opened this page to share information with others cancer who is near whoever it is

Krittai Thanasombatkul, MD. 28 years old, Lecturer at the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Clinical Statistics Department of Family Medicine Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University, owner of the page fight published a story about being sick “lung cancer” the last step with the following message:

I am “lung cancer” yes

Squamous cell carcinoma of the lung with multiple brain, pleural, and lung metastases it’s called The last stage is right, the invasive stage, the stage that can be called unable to have surgery to remove the lump and definitely can be cured.

packing as medical professor For 2 months, get a ticket to be promoted to Principal I’m just wondering, right? because I was wondering too

I am very confident in my health. They go to the gym regularly, play sports, eat clean food, don’t smoke, and drink very little alcohol. Work in a stress-free environment, go to bed at 10 pm, wake up at 6 am, read books, do research, teach students, don’t go to bed at all. A career that can be said to be going well. Just finished graduating in a medical specialty along with another master’s degree in data science to come and work as medical professor like dreaming

Then I started coughing. cough with mucus, dry cough, check COVID I didn’t find it. At that time I went to get treatment for acid reflux first. 2 months passed. In the meantime, I can play normal sports, work and live a normal life. Just a cough that doesn’t go away for a while. So I decided to go check it out. Seriously, I had some time off from work, and October 3, 2022 is a day with no work schedule. So I took the opportunity to go for a health check.

A chest X-ray told me my life will never be the same again. lungs On the right, I’m only half left. looks like there is a lump and water in the right lung; and lungs The left side is full of little bumps, I’m telling you right now. You will never lose your job. I thought I was a workaholic, but at the time I had no work left in my head. You would never have thought you wanted to do more work. I want to spend a little more time in the office

even to think At our young age, there are no risk factors. very strong health And to be honest, I think I’m not a very sinful person, but…

After passing all computed tomography examinations both operations to have a biopsy to examine Electromagnetic waves in the brain The result is that I “lung cancer” in fact, it is as well last term with a main lump about 8 cm in size on the right lung. cancer also spread to the pleura and left lung at many points, which is important It spread to six lobes of the brain, each one huge. Fortunately, I have no brain symptoms. even in the location where it spreads It can make my limbs weak, numb, unable to walk straight, unable to balance, or even lose sight.

However, I have had the best treatment so far. I thank all the teachers from the bottom of my heart for helping me so much. including surgery, receiving chemotherapy, immunotherapy and he got light on his head as soon as the lump was found. If it wasn’t for such a great and quick treatment, I probably wouldn’t be able to sit down and write this status Thank you. Thank you very much.

including insurance I am fortunate to have health insurance for critical illness. While doing it, I thought it would be taken for a private appendectomy. As yet, insurance will not be approved. Still in the process of searching for information. Which is understandable I’m a young doctor Why did you choose this insurance? And it’s so fast But I want to assure you that I have many plans in my life. And before, I was very strong. approve me I’m not a troll. For people who don’t have health insurance, I recommend it. If there is someone like me cancer Yes, everyone has a chance. Our world right now is not normal. Pollution, air, water, radiation, our genes are ready to mutate.

my whole Life I am a person who believes that with all my heart If we have goals and plans, work hard, and be patient, we can get what we want. I believe that we can control our lives, improve ourselves, take care of our health, read books, invest, and live an amazing life. So he gives me a good card in my hand. So much

I am in great health. Get a job that is very stable and has a bright future I have a very warm society and relationship. Surrounded by amazing and wonderful people. I dare say I have more lovers than haters. Maybe because I live my life with that motto Everyone who met and knew me He must feel so lucky to have known me. I always do that. And now I have those cards. I have invested all along, walking comfortably with my retirement plan. I’m going to marry the woman I love the most. I’m going to build our dream home.

And then I draw a card from the name end stage cancer Cards I don’t want But I have in my hand. It’s a day to realize that we as humans are actually very fragile.

lung images before and after cancer

It’s like our whole world is falling apart in front of you. All the life plans he had laid before his eyes. I don’t even know what my body will be like when I have chemo or what pills I will take. Irradiate the head with intense radiation. Will there be any side effects? can i walk will you be able to see Can you eat rice? Will you still remember everyone? How long will he himself be like this?

I immediately became a person with limited time in my life. No matter how well I respond to the drug or how strong I get I’m definitely not going to die.

What is the time limit? It could be a month, six months, a year, two years. If you’re lucky, maybe five years. I really don’t know how much time the world will give me I can’t try anything. All you can do is pray for the drug to respond, to calm the disease so that no side effects occur. or another month

but do you believe
I do not regret my past life.

I have had a very good life in the past. good no regrets There’s nothing I want to go back and do. It means that I have lived a very satisfying life in the past. You know, it’s better to do that then. Or go back and change the path of life altogether. I don’t want to travel around the world I didn’t want to drive a supercar, I didn’t want anything more than what my life has now. I have had a very good life in my 28 years. It is wonderful and valuable enough to be called a meaningful life.

I spent five months. Take radiotherapy treatment, general anesthesia, surgery, immunostimulating drugs, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, including drugs. molnupiravir (Yes, after chemo, I was addicted. COVID Do you love God?) and set up a new life To come back and see how I will continue to play this card in my hand.

card cancer In this hand, when it comes to me to play next I will play Is to leave something to the world that may not be so cute to me.

I had the opportunity to convey what I had set my heart on. what I learned My outlook on life, beliefs, dreams, impressions, as well as stories I would like to leave with this world. Emotional and strong In case if one day I’m gone, my identity will remain forever.

I will also be a teacher There will still be students growing up who have learned from me. It must be very good If my shortened life can be an encouragement It is power to those who are still alive.

me and my dear friend
Therefore, there is an intention to create this page.
to pass these things on.

A young doctor, aged 28, was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.

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