Updated Price of Bitcoin (BTC) Crypto Coin 30 Jul 65 Latest

bitcoin price crypto coin price (Cryptocurrency) today latest How much did you move up or down? Compared to yesterday in the same period and the latest crypto news

bitcoin news

https://news.bitcoin.Meta which was one of the first companies In the latest earnings call that reported on the company’s economic performance during Q2, the company announced its division, the Reality division, metaverse. Labs lost more than $2.8 billion during that time. even if it can be registered Sales of more than 400 million US dollars

Bitcoin Price ( BTC ) Crypto Coin Price (Cryptocurrency) Today 2022 Latest (30 July 2022)

bitcoin price today move up +0.10% Compared to the 24 hour price, the price is 23,991 US dollars or 871,378 baht change +5.97% In the period of 7 days, according to the latest data at 6:40 am today

Prices of other crypto-coins, Ethereum, move up. +1.41% Tether moves up +0.02% Compared to yesterday’s close and BNB moved up. +6.44% in the last 24 hours

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