BTS’ J-Hope Secretly Supports Abandoned Dog Shelter in the Army

BTS Star J-Hope Secretly Supports Abandoned Dog Shelter During Army Service

In a heartwarming display of kindness, BTS member J-Hope has been quietly making a difference by sponsoring an abandoned dog shelter while serving in the army. A recent article titled “Imgok Abandoned Dog Shelter, sponsored by BTS’ J-Hope” shed light on his altruistic actions.

The author of the article shares that J-Hope’s involvement began in February 2022 when he stumbled upon a blog post about the shelter. Intrigued and moved by the dire situation, he wasted no time in reaching out to offer his assistance. It was later revealed that the famous singer himself had extended a helping hand. The author quotes J-Hope’s mother, who expressed her shock at the poor conditions of the shelter and her son’s determination to make a difference.

“All alone, with no sponsors, my aunt had been tirelessly caring for numerous abandoned dogs,” the author recalls. “Then one day, out of the blue, we received a call from someone willing to renovate the dog house. Little did we know at that time that it was none other than BTS sensation J-Hope. I was left speechless.”

Remarkably, J-Hope did not let his military service hinder his acts of kindness. Even while serving his country, he made sure to send food and aid to the shelter’s abandoned animals. The author expresses the hope that this incredible gesture will inspire others to take an interest in helping abandoned animals as well.

The article features heartwarming photographs illustrating the positive impact of J-Hope’s support. Once living in dismal conditions, the dogs now thrive in a healthier and happier environment, thanks to the construction efforts funded by the BTS star.

Since enlisting in active duty in April, J-Hope’s charitable deeds continue to touch lives. The author concludes by expressing deep gratitude for his remarkable influence and the safety provided to these vulnerable creatures during the recent typhoon season.

As we reflect on J-Hope’s extraordinary acts of compassion, may they serve as a reminder to us all to extend kindness to those who cannot speak for themselves.

iMBC Hye-in Park | Weverse, Naver Blog ‘Yeonsu Glass’

BTS member J-Hope, who is serving in the army, was secretly doing good deeds.
Recently, an article titled “Imgok Abandoned Dog Shelter, sponsored by BTS’ J-Hope” was posted.

The author of the article said, “Around February 2022, after seeing the shelter post on my blog, one of my wives contacted me saying they wanted to help. I later found out it was BTS world star J-Hope. J-Hope’s mom said our shelter looked so bad. He said he wanted to help,” he said.

“There was no sponsor, and my aunt had been looking after many children all by herself. Then, I got a call saying she wanted to fix the dog house. At that time, I didn’t know who it was, and I got a grateful favor call and the construction went ahead.” When I found out you were BTS J-Hope, I was speechless.

He continued, “Even during his military service, he did not forget to send food to the children, and he is a wonderful person. Today, after a long phone call with my mother, it has been two years since I was supported by J. I hope many people will be interested in abandoned animals because of their influence.”

Finally, the author expressed his sincere gratitude for J-Hope’s good deeds, saying, “Thanks to your good influence, the abandoned children without an owner have been sent safely this summer without any damage even in the typhoon.”

In the photos released along with the article, stray dogs living in poor environments were shown to be bright and healthy in a better environment due to construction, which touched my heart.

Meanwhile, J-Hope enlisted in active duty last April.

iMBC Hye-in Park | Weverse, Naver Blog ‘Yeonsu Glass’

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