O Hyeon-kyung “Miko’s opponent, Go Hyeon-jung, was uniquely pretty” (Let’s live together)

Oh Hyeon-kyung from ‘Let’s Live Together with Park Won-sook’ talked about her relationship with Miss Korea contestant Go Hyeon-jung.

In season 3 of KBS2 ‘Let’s Live Together with Park Won-sook’ (hereafter referred to as ‘Let’s Live Together’), which aired on the 15th, Park Won-sook, Hye-eun, Ahn So-young, and Ahn Moon-sook was drawn to meet Oh Hyun-kyung, the first guest from Pohang.

O Hyun-kyung said, “My daughter went to college. I was sending my child to the United States, but depression came. I felt I shouldn’t interfere anymore after sending him out into society. My relationship with my daughter is very good. However, in the past, I spoke about it every now and then, but my words got shorter.”

“I was sick because I was tired from working a lot for a while. My daughter said, ‘I wish there was someone next to my mother’. Then they said he wouldn’t be obsessed with it.” He laughed.

O Hyun-kyung said, “My father was a civil servant, but he died early. He called me in his twenties and died 15 minutes later. He was in his mid 50s. I have never seen my mother cry. I was my mum’s age at the time, so it hurts how hard it was.”

Oh Hyeon-kyung, former Miss Korea Jin, mentioned Ko Hyun-jung when Park Won-suk asked, “Who was your rival at the time?”

Oh Hyun-kyung said, “Ko Hyun-jung was already famous. It was uniquely beautiful. The atmosphere was elegant and luxurious. But at the time (although rivals) we were close. They said I was extremely pretty then. I heard that Miss Korea’s viewership ratings were over 50% at the time. 15 million prize money was won, so I was desperate. I decided to wear a swimsuit just once and I went out.”

‘Let’s Live Together’ is a program about middle-aged female stars living alone and preparing for the second half of their lives after their prime, and is broadcast every Tuesday night at 8:30pm.

iMBC Joo Won Lee | kbs screen capture

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