SQUARE ENIX Announces Expansion of Operation Scale of “FFXIV” Data Center Expansion and Data Center Travel Introduction Expansion Package “Akatsuki no Finale” will resume sales from January 25 | gamebiz

Square Enix announced on this day (January 14th) that it will expand its operation scale to cope with the increase in the number of users and traffic scale of “Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV)”. In addition to expanding the data center for all parts of the world including Japan, a new data center for the Oceania region will be opened on January 25th. We also announced when the new system “Data Center Travel”, which allows you to go back and forth between data centers and play games, will be released.

Also, regarding the sale of the latest expansion package “FINAL FANTASY: Akatsuki no Finale”, there are far more new registrations than expected, and large-scale congestion may occur when logging in to the game, so from mid-December The sale of download version products for new players was suspended. Since login times have been dispersed, these sales will be resumed from January 25th.

The products (download version) to be resumed are as follows.

・ FINAL FANTASY XIV Complete Pack Collector’s Edition
* New registration for FINAL FANTASY XIV Free Trial will resume at a later date.
* The latest expansion package “FINAL FANTASY XIV: Akatsuki no Finale” for those who already have the right to play the product version is still on sale.

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